Munich 2008

Show Report

As each year  in the first days of November we have the important appointment of Munich Mineral Show, certainly the most important show in Europe and one of the most important in the world, ...and even this edition had been an essential event  in which all the numerousness mineral collectors, from Europe but even from other coutries, had seen main news on minerals from the world and also a large offer of new and old specimens.

Here a short summary of the main consideration on mineral market in Munich Show.

- Europe -

From Europe a large selection of old specimens and same interesting new finding: certainly one of the most important thing is the recent finding of Gold in white Quartz from Brusson Mine.  From Alps outstanding Epidote in association with Bissolite from Austria, nice pink Fluorite from Switzerland and France, same nice Amthyst Quartz and Smoky Quartz with very high price.  From UK interesting specimens of Botallackite from Cligga Head and from Ukraina nice gemmy Heliodore.

Ilvaite and Prase Quartz - Serifos Island (Grecia)

Botallackite  - Cligga Head (UK)

Manganite - Germany

Epidote and Bissolite - Austria

Pink Fluorites - Switzerland

Mix from Alps - Switzerland

- Africa -

In this edition of the show maybe the most interesting new finding from Africa: from South africa outstanding bright orange red balls of Olmiite from N'Chwaning II Mine, big and bright semitrasparent green Fluorite aggregate from Orange River, interesting Shattuckite and same old specimens of Rhodocrosite from N'Chwaning mine.   From Namibia a new finding of Ajoite in quartz and same old specimens from Tsumeb.  From Tanzania a good selection of orange Spessartine from tanzania.   From Morocco the usual quantity and quality of specimens, among them nice pieces of Proustite from Imiter Mine, orange red Wulfenite from Mibladen, rich Roselite specimens from Bou Azzer.   From Zambia aggregate of big Hematite crystals in association with red Rutile ( Disentis in Switzerland, but with a little difference in size).   From Madagascar interesting loose brookite crystals in association with Anatase from   Fitampito.

Proustite - Imiter Mine (Marocco)

Rhodocrosite - N'Chwaning Mine (Sud Africa)

Spessartine - Tanzania

Ajoite in Quartz - N'Chwaning Mine (Sud Africa)

- America -

Main new thing from Perý: bright Hubneriti on Quartz from Mundo Mine, showy specimens with big green-brown crystals of Siderite on Calcopyrite from Paloma Mine in Huancavelica, interesting pink Fluorites on Pyrite from Huanzala Mine ...and always nice red Rhodocrosite from Hucuchacua.   From Argentina a new lot of Hematite after Magnetite in showy black aggregate from Mendoza.

Hubnerite and Quartz - Mundo Mine (Perý)

Hematite after Magnetite - Payun Matru Volcano (Argentina)

Pink Fluorite - Huanzala (Perý)

Siderite on Calcopyrite - Huancavelica (Perý)

Fluorite - Illinois (USA)

Tourmaline - Minas Gerais (Brasile)

- Asia and Russia -

No news from Russia, only old specimens from old finding, to underline only same good specimens  of red quartz on matrix from Dal'negorsk.    Same more thing from other asiatic countries, so  interesting Wulfenite from Ahmad Abad mine and nice Cerussite from Nakhlak Mine both in Iran; big Phenacites from Burma.

Red Quartz - Russia

Wulfenite - Ahmad Abad (Iran)


Phenakite - Birmania


- Cina -

No many news from China but only old finding with new interesting specimens, so nice Native Silver, big Euclase on matrix, showy Stibnite in gemmy trasparent Calcite crystals, ...and many other thing.   Among the new thing interesting specimens of Veszylite  on blue Hemimorphite and same new finding of Fluorite and Calcite in different colour and shape.

Pyromorphite - Daoping (Cina)

Euclase - Cina

Bournonite - Yaoganxian (Cina)

Silver - Cina

- Pakistan & Afghanistan -

Good quality and the usual large offer from these countries ...but no meny new finding: to point out only same specimens of Red Zircon from Gilgit Area (Pakistan), interesting Hematite and gemmy pink Apatite.

Apatite - Pakistan

Red Zircon - Pakistan

- India -

No many news fom this country but the usual large variety of specimens normally with a very competitive price.  Among the standard species was possible find some interesting minerals like gemmy trasparent Powellite crystals on bright red Stilbite, interesting and rare Epistilbite and Goosecreekite, showy red globular Fluorite, ecc.

Yougawaralite - India

- Australia - 

In coherence with the main subject of the show dedicated to Australia in the show same high level Crocoite specimens from Dundas with big crystals and bright red.

Crocoite - Dundas, Tasmania (Australia)


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