2009 Edition


Again this year, in the beautiful and tranquil setting of Monaco we have participated to the Exhibition of Minerals of Monaco: surely, if not the largest in the world, certainly the most qualified and most popular with an audience of high level collectors from all over Europe and most other countries worldwide.
The 2009 edition was characterized by some news that only time will tell if they will have the success hoped:
   The exhibition 'was held in 4 exhibition halls: two dedicated to minerals and fossils, and two to gems, jewelery and other items connected to the world of minerals,
   Within the exhibition halls there was a grouping in terms of geographic distribution of the exhibitors and all fossils were grouped in a single area

Personally we found this new setting very functional to facilitate the visit by the public giving them the possibility to concentrate to the main interest areas and giving better opportunity to compare similar material

The current edition was visited by a large number of collectors and amateur enthusiasts : during the opening days we have seen visitors from all European countries, in particular obviously Germans and Italians and Spaniards. From other parts of the world we have seen a lower participation of Japanese and Americans.
This edition was characterized by the usual high quality of the specimens provided (from museum to micromount size) and a truly global participation from exhibitors.

The 2009 edition had India as the main theme exhibition, in addition the usual part of special exihibition dedicated to alpine minerals and a rich setting of thematic exhibitions collected in showcases from museums and individual collectors with a very rich set of specimens exposed.

In general terms we can say that the 2009 edition has definitely been positive in terms of event organization, public response and quality and variety of the exposed specimens


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