Report  2009

Following a brief analysis that summarizes the main notes of interest, divided by geographical area, as detected inside the event according to our own point of view 

- Europe –

Feeling was a slightly lower participation of exhibitors from the Old Continent, both German and Europeans in general and in particular lack of Russians and Eastern Europe exihibitors. In general, however,  the material on display was of good quality, especially when specimens were brought from old European collections.

To underline some excellent specimens from Serifos. A special exception was the alpine section, as usual developed around the alpine minerals displays with a series of specimens of absolute value and quality.

Titanite from Austria

Prase to Amethyst  from Serifos

- America –

Monaco is not the best place to find exceptional specimens from this continent, the only exceptions being some notable perfect crystals of barite on a bed of Orpiment from a new discovery in Peru, from the same country interesting Ferberite in association with quartz and fluorite and interesting Augelite in association with quartz.    From Bolivia with some notable specimens of Phosphophillite and rare sulphides

Barite on Orpiment  from Peru

Augelite from Peru

- Africa –

As usual his continent is source of interesting new material.   From Namibia and South Africa a lot of material from recent discoveries: excellent Green Fluorite from Namibia, remarkable specimens of Aquamarine with tourmalines from Erongo, notable Quartz with inclusions of Ajoite and Papagoite, to finish a remarkable good quality of Shattuckite specimens.   From Madagascar one of the latest news from the world of minerals, good , gemmy specimens of andradite, Demantoid ( centimetric crystals) in evidence on white matrix and big gemmy Aquamarine crystals.   From Congo outstanding Diptase crystals from a recent finding and from Tanzania high quality gemmy Tanzanite.  A whole section of the A6 pavilion was dedicated to exhibitors from Morocco who perhaps have not always been characterized by high quality material but certainly they had a lot of material and a good variety:very bright Cobaltocalcite from Bou Azzer , good Roselite and other associated minerals from this mine, great specimens of Imiter Proustite. A new interesting find were a series of specimens od Emerald in crystals up to 10 cm coming from Zambia.   Finally some interesting specimens of Trone and other rare Sulphates from Egypt.

Sturmanite from Sud Africa

Tanzanite from Tanzania

Demantoid from Madagascar

Shattuckite from Namibia

Green Fluorite from Sud Africa

Aquamarine from Namibia

- Asia –

The main theme of the exhibition was India , with a lot of material , not always of high quality.   Noteworthy presence of Pakistani exhibitors with an area dedicated to them and a big stand in a special area dedicated entirely to the gems.   The material exhibited hadn’t any substantial news but it certainly was of high quality and aesthetics, anyway to underline a good selection of rare  Chevkinite-(Ce) from an old finding and a cuple of rare Väyrynenite from Pakistan.   Even the exhibitors coming from China (this year perhaps fewer than in the past) did not have any particular news, but there were some transparent Berite crystals with a chisel shape, hexagonal Calcite perfectly transparent, a few specimens of Molybdenite truly remarkable in size, and some other curiosities.   From Burma a new find of exceptional transparent Phenakite in centimetric crystals on matrix

Molybdenite from China

Trasparent Calcite from China

Trasparent Barite from China

Calcite from China

Phenakite from Burma Väyrynenite from Pakistan

Lazulite from Pakistan

Red Zircon from Pakistan


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