2011 Edition


Also this year we are back to the Munich show, whose quality and atmosphere is improving year by year.

Weather was very good , sunny and mild and the exhibition was of very high quality, making the Munich week very interesting and pleasant.


Also this year the show was organized in  4 exhibition halls: two dedicated to minerals and fossils, and two to gems, jewellery and other items connected to the world of minerals, within the exhibition halls there was a grouping in terms of geographic distribution of the exhibitors and all fossils were grouped in a single area, Hall A5.

Even if there was a lot of exhibitor, in practice from all the world, there were no particular news on the mineralogical market.


Webminerals stand attracted a lot of attention and curiosity

For your wives of friends.... adequate jewellery!!!


Also in this edition there was a large number of visitors, from all over the world, with a lot of curiosity and questioning about the mysterious mineralogical world.

Going to some of the news we have seen we want to highlight some new fluorites from China: globular ones of blue-to-purple colour and some octahedral fluorites of a dark pink to violet colour: for the first time pink fluorites from China: prices were very high and we passed away from this new finds. In general most of the material from China is becoming less abundant and the market prices were very high, The same effect for the gems and other beauties from Pakistan.

New pink fluorites from  Mongolia China

Tourmaline beauties from Pakistan and Brazil


Huge Molybdenite from China



Speaking with some friends from Pakistan they said that the Peshawar market becomes more and more dangerous and the material is not abundant: the combination of these factors brought the prices at very high levels and really the good material was not abundant.  In additions to the gemmy aquamarines and good topaz crystals we have seen some interesting and well developed Eosphorites from Skardu district

From Europe we saw some classic specimens coming from old collections, following the theme of "European classics of the main exhibition, and from alps some interesting Bazzites, a new find from France, of an intense blue colour, but at very high prices. From East  Europe some well formed large crystals of Gehlenite ( from Romania ) , absolutely similar to the classic Italian ones of the Monzoni area and some lucent well developed Mellite from Hungary, not a new find but very rare and of a very good quality.


 From North Europe we had some very interesting material from Norway with monazites in centimetric crystals in muscovite, centimetric Gadolinite and Thalenites, in addition to some classic red-brown gemmy Zircons and large anatases .


From Africa there was a lot of material : no new finds from Morocco, with the exception of some very colourfully, intense red vanadinite from a new locality close to the classic Mibladen and some classic material, among which some large and rare Gersdorffite from Bou Azzer.

Gem material of Tanzania, with the usual gemmy intense blue Tanzanites and classic and well defined minerals from south African  Kalahari mines, colorfull and rare.

Some new find of multicolour tourmalines from Zambia and large almandines of red-brown colour from Madagascar


2011 exhibition


This year the exhibition was dedicated to the European classics. It is incredible the capacity of the Munich organization to assemble such a high quality rare and absolutely outstanding specimens for the yearly theme.

Let we start with fluorites... classic alpine pink Fluorite from M. Blanc and Blue fluorite with quartz from Le Beix, France


Who said that Erithrytes are only from Morocco?Here a specimen from Shneeberg, Germany, then Cuprite from Chessy, France and Wulfenite from Mezica


Centimetric Euchroites from Svatoduska, Slovakia,a perfect green Piromorphyte from Wheal Alfred,Cornwall, UK and a 40+ cm copper dendrite from Hungary


Classic Pyromorphites from Les Farges, France


A large green Smithsonite from Lavrion, Greece and centimetric pink Strengite from Svappavaara, Sweden


Again who said that Phosphophillites are unique from Bolivia? here large Phosphophillite from Hagendorf, Germany and a classic well developed Phosgenite from Monteponi mine, Sardinia, Italy.


These Elbaites 10+ cm in association with Feldspar and morganite are not from pakistan.... but from the classic type locality of Elba island. .







Above, Gold from Romania, a classic 15 cm silver from Sardinia and spectacular silver wires from Kongsberg, Norway, .




Above, a spectacular 20 cm Stephanite From Freiberg, Germany.

Below a Silver wires "tree" 20+ cm from Kongsberg

Below, a 10+ cm of Geocronite from the type locality of Pollone mine, Tuscany, Italy




A 60 + cm spectacular piece of Gold in quartz from Brusson mine

a 5 cm Hauerite from Slovakia, exposed by the Vienna Museum

A pluricentrimetric pink gemmy Bstanesite from Trimouns, France: deliceous!!!



a several centimeters Milarite from Switzerland

Anatase from Hardangervidda, Norway

Several centimeters complex crystals of Anatase from Binntal, Switzerland


40 cm druse of red Hessonite and Diopside from Piedmont rhodingites, Italy

Perfect, gorgeous, transparent gwindel



Emerald from Austria

Thousands of centimetric anatases on quartz from Hardangervidda, Norway


Quartz in siderite epimorph after Fluorite, Virtuous lady mine , UK

  Pink Flurites over quartz from M. Blanc


Wulfenite from the type locality of Bleiberg, Austria

Plumbogummite from Roughten Gill Mine, UK

Liroconite from , UK


10 cm Proustite from Niederschlema, Saxony, Germany

  Baryte from Polha Germany




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