Report  2012

..another year, another edition of Munich show:  with the quality and atmosphere classic of one of the most important mineral show in the world.

In this edition a crazy weather that start with   warm and sunny and end with snow and cold (...a little problem for all them that on Sunday have to came back across Alps).

- Europe –

Feeling was a slightly lower participation of exhibitors and specimens  from the Old Continent, both German and Europeans in general and in particular lack of Russians and Eastern Europe exihibitors.   Rich as usual, instead, the presence of systematic exhibitors with a large variety and a lot of new mineral species.

To underline a new find from Serifos: outstanding specimens with classic prase quartz with a big scepter head.     From same big italian dealer many oustanding Sulphur specimens.  From Germany a rich new find of green Pyromorphite.

A special comment  to the alpine section: many exhibitors but medium specimen level with the exception of same group of bright and perfect smoky quartz, a good find of green titanite an same pink fluorite

From European Alps good material but nothing exceptional: anyway in evidence same outstanding Smoky Quartz, nice green Titanite from Austria and not many pink Fluorite

Always interesting the systematic offer (maybe for this kind of material Munich is the best in the world!!)  with a lot of dealers with rare and interesting mineral species ...and also same new mineral specie

New Pyro from Germany

Prase scepter quartz from Serifos Island

- America –

Monaco is not the best place to find exceptional specimens from this continent, the only exception in this edition a remarcable new find of gemmy Cassiterite from Bolivia

Bright orange to red Creedite from Mexico

Gemmy Cassiterite from Bolivia

-  Africa –

As usual his continent is source of interesting new material, ...and Munich is one of the place inwhich the new thing are presented.    From Namibia remarkable gemmy Aquamarine in association with black tourmaline and Orthoclase from Erongo.   From Congo big aggregate of Azurite crystals from Katanga (Congo).  From Madagascar nice aggregate of quartz with fuchsite inclusion and also big Topaz crystals.   From Tanzania high quality gemmy Tanzanite.  A whole section of the A6 pavilion was dedicated to exhibitors from Morocco and here were possible to see new association of bright red vanadinite on a bed of Mottramite and a new find of dark blue to dark green Fluorite crystals, but also bright red Proustite  from Imiter and big perfect group of Achantite crystals.   

Bright aggregate of Proustite crystals

Group of big Achantite crystals

Vanadinite on Mottramite

New find of dark blue to dark purple fluorite crystals

New find of Aquamarine from Namibia

Quartz with Fuchsite inclusione from  Madagascar

Remarcable Becquerelite from Congo

- Asia –

Good thing from these counties but nothing exceptional.  From Pakistan the material exhibited hadn’t any substantial news but it certainly was of high quality and aesthetics, anyway to underline a good selection Microlite from Afghanistan and same good Columbite and Tantalite.   Even the exhibitors coming from China (this year perhaps less than in the past) did not have any particular news, anyway remarkable the material from Inner Mongolia and among them the Pink Fluorite on Prase Quartz, same new kind of Fluorite and incredible aggregate of trasparent scepter quartz, interesting black Scheelite crystals with Lollingite and absolutly new showy chalcopyrite covered crystals of scalenohedral calcite from the Daye mine.

A nice Apatite from Pakistan

Pink fluorite on Prase quartz from China


-  Exhibitions  -

One aspect that surely characterizes the Monaco Exhibition is the great effort in organizing a series of thematic exhibitions of minerals of absolute value. As usual there is Show main theme, this year dedicated to Africa, and an exhibition devoted to Alpine minerals. To complete a series of showcases proposed by collectors, museums and associations, many of them of considerable interest.

Main Exhibitions : AFRICA


Other Exhibitions



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