2009 S.Marie Aux Mine Show


This is our 9th participation to the S.Mine aux mine show the second largest European show , that transfers in visitors and exhibitors a sort of Tucson feeling. The show seem to grow every year more in estenson than in quality for the minerals shown here . Many of the minerals exibitors that previously were in tents now have reduced their space like us to tables in the  mineralogie halls. The theatre is now a show in the show  where most of the vip dealers are present and for a part of the visitors this is the main hearth of the show.

 The tents are mostly occupied by Chinese and Morocco dealers that here in s. Marie have a large presence and by many wholesale dealers. S. Marie is the show where to make bargains with small or large lots of material, even if the quality is very often low to very low and it is not easy to find mineral specimens of high level at reasonable prices.

Also this year the visitors spread in the whole period of the show...the most excited   with more budget to spend visit the show starting from tuesdays  and friday the go home ..all the others  with a smaller budget visit te show in the weekend going home in sunday mornig. As a result for the exibitors  this is becoming almost a 6 day show!


Genaral shots from the show

There were not many interesting mineralogical news in the show as we are seeing also in others recent international shows.  Some new  find from Morocco   : in the Bou Beccker area  there was an interesting strike of Develline covered by gypsum and included in it  forming colorfull and aesthetic pieces , another novelty was some nice pieces of cobaltoan calcite over dolomite and calcite

Develline included in gypsum Cobalton calcite on calcite

From china there wasn't   many exciting things   but anyway some quality pieces were available  mostly from other dealers than chinese ones

Another new find were some nice demantoid from Canada  that looks like the ones from Malenco Valley. From Brasil there were some pieces of the new purple topaz   that we saw in Tucson and some new piece or purple apatite in association with bertrandite

Nice pyromorphyte from China purple apatite and bertrandite
Nice fluorite from M.Blanc Mimetite from Australia

From France a nice selection of pink flourites flound last summer by a group of 3 crystalier   that  are following teh same vein from 6 year  and they found a nice pocket with loose crystal and over calcite  till 5 cm edge ...the only problem the price!

From Pakistan and Afghanistan there were many choice of gemmy minerals and amomg all a nice selection of Indicolite tourmalins and watermelon color tourmalined from Langhman afghanistan, both in matrix and loose crystals


Pink Flourite from Alps and Green Flourites from South Africa Rhodocrosite from South Africa
Loose pentagonite from India Nice old silver from germny and Norway

In the Theatre the organization set up some display cases with the best French Flourites coming out from private collection and Museum ....there are no word to describe the piece especially the blue ones

Fluorite from Puy de Dome Fluorite from Puy de Dome
Mont Blanc Pink flourite over calcite


Obviously for our team the show of Saint Marie, further to be a moment of sale and verification of the international mineralogical market it’s above all a moment of purchasing new items to offer in our website . From this point of view we can say to be satisfied and we hope for also for you …
Stay tuned for the new updates were we’ll present a selection of the new purchases…..

Wulfenite from China Cobatoan Calcite Morocco
Cuprite fro Kazakhstan Acquamarine from Pakistan