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The presence of Webminerals in Munich Mineral Show wasn’t only daedicated to exibition and offer of mineral specimens but, as usual in this situation, to buy minerals for future update on our sites.     This page is dedicated to anticipate you our main shopping in the show, obviously mainly of the specimens that we bought will be offer you in the update of next months.

Silver from Norway: may be due to new work on the mine of Kongsberg in the mineral show were present many nice specimens of silver from this classic locality, …..we think to make a good update of Norway special section also with other new galleries.

 Fluorite from Argentina: the first time that we offer this kind of fluorite we can’t please all the requests, so we we look for it and in the show we found a good choice of specimens: we hope that you’ll appreciate.

 Minerals from Pakistan: we didn’t find many new thing from this region; so we concentrate our attention to other kind of minerals different from classic aquamarine, tourmaline and  topaz; for more detail we remaind you on future update of Pakistan special section on Smartminerals.

 Fluorite from Erongo: for lover of this minerals, one of the most important new thing in the show: dark blue and black fluorite crystals with unusual crystallization sometimes in associations with tourmaline: very interesting specimens

 Fluorite from Germany: to finish the requests of fluorite collectors a nice choice of fluorite specimens from german mine….

 Minerals from Dal'nergosk: we didn’t find many specimens from this classic Russian mine, …so we decide to go till Prague in Chekia Republic where in the house of our dealer we bought nice specimens of red quartz ( ….it’s a pity that only a small selection of them we could  offer on our  sites for expedition problems ), Ilvaite crystals, unusual transparent quartz, datolite, ecc.; it was a very heavy one day trip ( more than 800 km ) but we are satisfied of the specimens that we bought.

 Mineral from Ural Mountain: we think that one of the most interesting area for mineral collector will be these mountain in the middle of Russia; in the show we find unusual pink grossular, perfect xx perowskite and topazzolite.

 Uranium Minerals from Zaire: one of our most important shopping: high level specimens of different kind of minerals from these mine in Zaire

 Libethenite and others minerals from Portugal: normally speaking minerals in Portugal we think automatically to Panasqueira; but in this country is possible find also other minerals and we’ll give you some examples.

 Herderite: a good choice of nice matrix free crystals from Brasil: an unusual phosphates from this South American country.

 Vauxite: another unusual and interesting minerals from Bolivia

 Minerals from Morocco: if we have to evaluate the quality of Morocco minerals in this show we have to say that, compared to the other edition, there are a reduction in term of quality and new thing; anyway some interesting thing we found, so wait for red quartz and endilichite specimens

 Minerals from Kola Peninsula: from our specialized friends a new and rich collection of systematic minerals from this region.