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The difficult life of mineral collector: appointment at 4:00 am of Thursday 24 October  in Piacenza  to prepare the cars and to start our trip.   In the photo our breakfast on the border with Austria.

…..the old man on the left isn’t a poor man that ask something to eat, but is Gianfranco in his business dress.

After 5 hours we arrived a little tired in Munich


The weather and the countryside: the road to arrive in Munich need to go across Alps from Brennero Pass: nice countryside in a sunny day, …only a little cold with snow on the top of the mountains


Our exhibitions:  the preparation of the exhibitions  is always a critical moment; to avoid this we planned the position of everything in Milan….., anyway we had equally the normal problems of this phase:

…where is this box? …where is the light? …all these specimens are without prices and descriptions! …these specimens in this position will never bought! …maybe the better position of these specimens is this. ...ecc. ecc.

There is also to say that in this edition we had two guest on our exhibitions: Luca Bertelli e Giuseppe Baldizzone; two our friends that enrich our tables with minerals from Norway and from Sardinia.

At the end a big headache, …but the result was adequately…..

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To eat and to sleep:  this year we prefer find an hotel outside Munich, ….a quite and nice place in which to rest after the show.

We (….maybe is better say Giovanni) make the reservation by internet, and this time the solution that we found was perfect.

….you can’t see anything  of our eating moments, every time we remembered the photo at the end of the dinner…sorry!   We can only say that if we put together the pieces of meat that Gianfranco eat we obtain a full big pig!!!


Public to the Mineral Show:  ….nothing to say: the people that is possible see on this show is impossible to find in the other italian and European shows.   It’s nice to see person from German, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, ecc. that look, ask, comment your exhibitions.    …maybe we have to ask some suggestion to the organization of this show to obtain the same result also in our Genoa Mineral Show.


….mineralogical trip in Prague: Maybe the better thing was participate directly to the mineral show in Prague, just a week before, and after from there to go directly in Munich, ….but unfortunately we haven’t the  time, so we decide to a heavy one day trip on Saturday.   Everything went well except the queue on the border, but above all the queue in Prague: we spend more time to go cross Prague that the time that we spent to arrive there.  It’s a pity that we spent all our time in this city in the house of a Russian dealer, and we have any time to visit the city, …next time we are sure to stay more time!!! PragaTram.jpg (12605 byte)


….just a final thing to thanks all the people that know us on the web and during the show comes to meet us personally, we are very happy of this: it means that someone likes our sites, and someone estimate our work, ….as I said thanks and see you again on the web or in another show…..