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Shows and Exibitions 

The special exhibits were in a section of hall A6 and the main theme were the Alpine minerals from the Austrian valleys . Beside the Large alpine minerals exposition there were an incredible display of gem minerals , silver and gold from two United States Collectors Gene Meieran and Bill Larson.

In Hall A4 there were other showcases  displaying very nice minerals above all there were incredible pieces from Asbestos

As my favourite minerals are the Alpine fissures   ones I spend some hours of the 3 days looking at those showcases. The large part of the display were pieces of the Bramberg museum  that I visisted some years ago in the Pinzgau. Most of the minerals displayed were found in differnt location of the 'Hohen   Tauern' mountains , but also very nice sample from the Zillertal and the Val Aurina in Italy were presented, by many collectors of the area.

Finally a special section was dedicated to the incredible Elbaite discovery  of Adamello of 2 year ago and very nice specimens were presented by the Natural Hystory museum of Milan and teh Adamello Park.

Let start to show you some of the most impressive and intersting pieces presented . From Val Aurina , two very famous collectors   Innerbichler and Kirchler  presented very nice Milarite  and Damburrite pieces in association with Adularia found in 1991 and very large apatite XX and pieces from a large fissure discovered a couple of years ago.

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From the Bramberg Museum as well as from other collectos were  presented very nice pieces of flourite from Hocharn in Ostalpen. Crystal presented easily reach 3 cm edge with different color pink, green purple. My favourite were a Flourite Bavenite piece and the purple ones from Hocharn


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Bavenite & Flourite

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Other well represented alpine minerals were the Titanite and very nice and big XX coming form differnent location , as the Ferbeltal and the Aurina valley . Another very impressive showcases was the one with the famous Knappenwand epidote , the well know location  in Untersulzbachtal dicovered in 1865. The fine piece know as the 'Bridge' was presented by the Natural Hystory museum of Vienna


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Just to finish my overview on Alpine minerals  I'll show interesting amethists are rare minerals from the fissures that someone couldn't image


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Bornit with native gold on one site of the X

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