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We present a short report on What's new  at show .... for what we were able to see in the 3 days ...

Apatite from Kazakhstan

This is a new finding and the dealer was the discoverer. Nice light purple colour with a colour change under UV light.An attractive suite of cabinet,miniature and single crystals.The best pieces were very,very expensive. 

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Rodochrosite from China

New finding from  Guilin. Interesting for the locality,but of quality only comparable to standard Peruvian material.Prices very high the first day,than very reasonable.

Light red quartz from China.

Interesting combination of hematite and needle quartz with red shade. Not easy to find undamaged

Gold in   quartz from Australia.

A very nice pieces of gold in quartz were sold from an Australian dealer  Eldorado Gold mines.

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 Xenotime and Bastaesite from Pakistan.

Large xenotime crystals (from Warsak)and interesting bastaesite (from Skardu) either single crystals or matrix specimens.Bastaesite is also cut as a gem.Not many pieces were available,and expensive when transparent and gemmy.

Green purple vesuvianite from Asbestos Mine,Quebec.Canada

This is a new finding from the classical mine that is now closing,only few pieces were available for sale by the Italian dealer Giuseppe Agozzino, but the top pieces were exibited in two cases of the exibition as part of the collection of Marco Amabili, a young collector who spends a lot of time at the mine.The best pieces were large cabinet vesuvianite groups with crystals up to 4 cm.and a colour combination of green and violet,very gemmy and impressive.In the same exibit there was a great selection of garnets(demantoide,grossularite).

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Fluorite from Morocco

Not a new mineral, but the quality this year was very good, with many large specimens with crystals cubes up to 5 cm., undamaged and transparent.Most were yellow, but also green was present.    The best mineral now from Morocco, together with cobaltocalcite and roselite and , of course, vanadinite.

 Fluorite from Erongo

At Namibia Minerals   were displayed the well know Acquamarine and schorl from Erongo pegamtites.   here we saw intersting Flourite in dark green color and purple color with unsual habits


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Perowskite from Russia

Large crystals (up to 1,5 cm.)that we had seen already at the Torino show.This is an interesting mineral that we like very much being produced mainly by Alpine veins.From Russia (Oural Mountains) is now a showy and aesthetic one.But expensive.

 Carrolite from Congo

From the Gobin brother always a fantastic number of huge crystals (up to 5 cm).  Very showy.

Other minerals: Cuproskolodvskite, Torbernite, Crisocolla.

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Ametyst from Guerrero.

Not new finding but many crystal groups of the two main types:ligth violet very transparent or deep violet .Very pleasant view

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 Emerald from Colombia

Riccardo Prato had an impressive selection of emeralds on matrix with crystals up to 5 cm.  A must to see.

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Anatase from Norway

At Webminerals table we displayed a significant collection of anatase from Valdrez,mostly minature or single crystals but some exceptional cabinet pieces were also sold.

Amethyst   from Alps

Near Steiner stand was present outstanding alpine amethust and other minerals from Alps.  Old specimens but always impressive.

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