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What's new for you.... 


The presence of Webminerals in Munich Mineral Show wasn’t only daedicated to exibition and offer of mineral specimens but, as usual in this situation, to buy minerals for future update on our sites.     This page is dedicated to anticipate you our main shopping in the show, obviously mainly of the specimens that we bought will be offer you in the update of next months.

Realgar on calcite from China: we pick up in set up day an intersting lot of gemmy realgar on calcite

 Minerals   from Madagascar: Above pezzottite we obtained many specimens on first hand  that were collected during a trip last july ...due to the quantity of the material we will start a new thematic section on smartminerals site.

 Minerals from Pakistan: we didn’t find many new thing from this region; we obtained some matrix bastnaesite pieces , flourites and apatites

 Minerals from Namibia: some classic pieces like dioptase and boltwoodite

 Fluorite from Germany: for the fluorite collectors a nice choice of fluorite specimens from north german mines….and also intersting autunites and sulphures specimens

 Minerals from Dal'nergosk: we found some good flourite and datolite with calcite association  and 'fat red quartz' from a new find

 Tourmaline: According to the theme of the show we acquired some specimens from Pederneira mine and  Baikal lake ...

 Brazil & Bolivia: we found some intersting mixed pieces of phospates and helvine . From Bolivia few pieces of fresh vivianites

 India: from India a good selection of flourite balls , cavansite and some classic zeolites

 Howlite: another unusual and interesting mineral from canada. we were able to find a small lot

 Minerals from Kola Peninsula: from our specialized friends a new and rich collection of systematic minerals from this region.