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Our exhibitions:  the preparation of the exhibitions  is always a critical moment; but fortunatelly we arrive early on thurdays morning and we could be able to set up in about 3 hours

We have also as guest our friend Maurizio who  shows a new find of hematite from Elba , and some pieces of the famous pegmatites of this island



To eat and to sleep:  this year we stayed at the same hotel in Vaterstetten  almost 10 minutes drive  from the  Fair

….it's always a pleasure have a dinner with friend ,with good food ,beers and minerals conversation

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Public to the Mineral Show:  ….this year we registred less public in the set up and geofa days  respect the last years. Anyway saturday there were a lot of people and collectors and  Sunday more curious and collectors looking for a last strike.... monaco2003_22.jpg (74145 byte)



….just a final thing to thanks all the people that know us on the web and during the show comes to meet us personally, we are very happy of this: it means that someone likes our sites, and someone estimate our work, ….as I said thanks and see you again on the web or in another show…..