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Shows and Exibitions 

The special exhibits were in a section of hall A6 and the main theme were the Tourmaline  and Trilobites . The most amazing  part of this show was the 'Rhapsodie in black Tourmaline '  Most collectors do not realize that black tourmaline conceals the secret of fabulous colours in its interior. They are revealed by filigree transverse and longitudinal cuts. . A team of specialists attended to this theme and  presented it in fascinating way to the visitors of the Munich Show.  Most of the schorl slices were from Madagascar   and Namibia

In Hall A4 there were other showcases  displaying very nice from personal collections

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Let start to show you some of the most impressive and intersting pieces presented in A6 . Above all  the Showcases   of tourmaline presented by Keith Proctor  with the famous Rose of Itatiaia from the Jonas Mine in Brazil. (it seems that 2,5 millions Euro were offered for this piece)

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Rose of Itatiaia presented by Keith Proctor


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TOTourmaline presented by Reinhard Dallinger University of Innsbruck


Another part display were an amazing array of tourmaline slices showing the  colors zoning developed during the growth of crystals

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A couple of show cases   presented the  Private collection of  Federico Pezzotta dedicated to Elba Island tourmalines  and others  minerals associated. ...just near it a showcase with the new mineral named after him - Pezzottaite.  Set up by French Dealer Laurent Thomas.  


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Beryl from Elba

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Elbait from Elba

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Pezzottaite !!!

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