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Attending the Munich show is always a source of excitment for us that begins several weeks before when we start preparing the specimens. It's difficult to play the role of exhibitors , visitors  and Genova mineralshow organizer toghether....the result is that in 3 days we can't cover systematically all the show to see what's new but we try to do our best .

First of all we want to thanks all our customers that visited our stand in the 3 days.... is always a pleasure to meet people in person  and talk about minerals.

An now let 's talk  What's new  at show ....  this year our impression is that there was a lot of material to see, the show was very good as offer  but   slower in demand   respect last year  refelcting the general crisis of the markets. Anyway visistors were present expecially on Saturday


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Our table  A5.586

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General view of the show on saturday

In our opinion the top news of the show where the Chinese realgars  and the minerals from Madagascar expecially Pezzottaite

The realgar on calcite   is   a new finding and only 3 chinese  dealer presented it   anyway many pieces have damages so the selection was difficult . About pezzottaite   some dealers like us  presented several pieces mostly in loose crystals   the best matrix pieces were some big loose crystals of red vivid color.

In the picture belowe  a huge  piece of matrix with  shorls  and loose pezzottatite crystals that were glued upon it  a tremend FALSE !!

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monaco2003_17.jpg (78707 byte) One of the tabls with chinese Realgar



Besides Pezzottaite many new finds were presented from this country  expecially from French dealers. those finds were made in the last summer  and include  orange spessartine, almandine and green andradite garnet ,   Columbite from Mahaiza, Phenakite  from Imalo and   elbaites  from Ambalabe.  We were able to obtain a lot of this specimens first hand before the start of the show and we will present them at the middle of november on a new smartminerals section


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Spessartina from Ampanivana Madagascar

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Elbaite from Manapa Madagascr


Other interesting minerals from this county  were the usual calcite and quartz with barite association. Flourites of several colour and stibnite specimens , also a lot of spessartite were offered  with an inproved quality.  A recently find was the azzurrite and malachite in good crystal of 1 cm


A lot of very nice Tourmaline specimens according to the show theme were presented by several dealers . Pederneira tourmaline were among the best as well the incredible sized 20-30 cm pink crystals showed by Pregi Gemme.

Another interesting new find was the vivianites in nice crystals in association with muscovite.

Huge sized amethyst with calcite were displayed in the Budil stand.

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Pakistan. & Afghanistan

There wasn't any new things or finds . we registred an increasement of dealers from this country but not all with good pieces. interesting combination of pink apatites ,  double colored beryls and nice bastnaesites on matrix

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In hall A4 there were the usual presence of morocco dealers ..but only few of them have many intersting pieces of good quality , above all some sample of toussit azzurrite found about 15 years ago.   From central Africa  teh only news were some imperial topaz loose crystal presented with  usually malachite and carrolite.

From Namibia a new find of dioptase crystals and amethyst toghether with some boltwoodites  , shorls and aquamarine from Erongo

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From europe  there were many classic specimens on display  coming out from several collections and museum about the new finds we can remark interesting bicolored fluorites from Carintia and a new strike of elba hematites that was presented by a friend of us at our stand.

From Austria a very nice specimens of coralloid aragonite were also present and  a new find of gypsum in crystals of 10,15 cm from cavnic Romania.

From Alps some classic scepter amethyst as well as pink flourites and  a last summer find of euclase from switzerland were presented

From Russia no news only some intersting colorless flourite from dal'nergosk and 'fat ' red quartz from teh same place


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Our friend Maurizio with his find of Elba hematites


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Gianfranco , Beppe and our friend from Pakistan