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Our exhibitions:  we arrive in Munich on wednesday evening just in time for dinner, so we wake up early in the mornig and we we at the fair at about 8 a.m   and we could be able to set up in about 3 hours



To eat and to sleep:  As every  year we stayed at the same hotel in Vaterstetten  almost 10 minutes drive  from the  Fair

.but the Show is always an occasion to spent the evening  drinking beer at  the famous H.B.


Public to the Mineral Show:  ….this year we registred an increase of public , sand many USA dealers around ..  collectors  were present from  friday to Sunday till looking for the  last strike.... There were also many Italians !!



….just a final thing to thanks all the people that know us on the web and during the show comes to meet us personally, we are very happy of this: it means that someone likes our sites, and someone estimate our work, ….as I said thanks and see you again on the web or in another show…..