Shows and Exibitions 

The special exhibits were in a section of hall A6 and  this year the main theme were the Minerals & Crystals of China  and Secrets of the old China-Jade. Another part of the  special show was dedicated to some Museum exhibits.

The main show on China  was very impressive and articulated  expecially the Fossil part and Ancinet jades. Abow all there was also the finest find of gem grade Nephrite Jade ever discovered and the largest single piece of gem grade Jade. The mineral show cases dedicated to China  give a very nice selection of  specimens  from this rich  country  , but in our opinion was not so imppressive as in the last Munich show editions.

In Hall A4 there were other showcases  displaying very nice from personal collections

Let start to show you some of the most impressive and intersting pieces presented in A6 .

some of the ancient Jades



Another part  of display were an many interesting fossils an the large nephrite

In the Museum guest show  area  there were some intersteing exihibits of the Bavarian Natural History Collections, Natural History Museum Vienna, Natural History Museum of the Humboldt University and The Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh presents minerals from its collection “Best of Scotland”. It was in these showcases that with a suprise for us we saw some pieces that   we sold last year to this museum a scheelite, apatite datolite and stellerites....



one on our pieces sold at Museum