Webmineral's  Report

Here we are at our 4th  Munich show as exhibitors . Attending this  show is always a source of excitement for us that starts several days  before when we start preparing the specimens .  As it's difficult to play the role of exhibitors  & visitors at the same time,  the result is that in 3 days even if four of us were present at the exhibition  we couldn't  systematically cover all the show to see what's new, for this reason this report might not be fully comprehensive of the show, but we try to do our best .

It' always a pleasure to meet the customers who ordered in the past on our website and to have the possibility of a direct contact with them. 

Our general impression is that the 2004 was a very good and well organized show.  

There was a new area  in A5  reserved for the Top dealers  called International mineral pavilion. Here and in the surroundings there were some new dealers coming from overseas and the minerals offered were of high quality with prices for every pockets .  Visitors were many and present especially on Saturday & Sunday.


Our table  A5.456

General view of the show during setup

In our opinion the main news of the show were the Chinese Epidotes on amethyst quartz ( the quartz remembers those from Thunder Bay in Canada)  and other discoveries from China such as the Barite on Manganite .

International mineral pavilion



 As last year  many samples of Pezzottaite were offered by several dealers . Among the new occurrences  there are gemmy  yellow calcites .   There were also new gemmy rhodizites in pegmatite's geodes. Some very nice tourmalines were present but with  not at the same level of the ones from Brazil and Pakistan



The Show theme was minerals from China , and from there a  lot of dealers were present , chinese minerals were the main show theme  and among the new find we point out several  nice amethyst and ematoid Quartz with  green epidote. Other new things were  of systematic interest like some celestine in association with small  wulfenite. From Fengshuan  there were several top quality  spessartine  with dark smoky quartz . Looking among the many tables of chinese dealers we  saw also some good helvites in association with quartz . Another interesting new occurece were some Barites crystallized on manganite.



 From this country  there  were not new things but several nice pieces of Tourmaline  and interesting pieces of pink crystallized quartz ,  herderite and some very good but few brasilianites .

Pakistan. & Afghanistan

From this area the new pieces coming from the Alpine fissures zone are the Brookites in brown crystals up to 4- 5 cm in association with quartz . From the pegmatites we noticed very nice pink apatites from Chumar Bakoor area and very  good morganite in dark pink crystals. Of course we don't mention  the many exceptional pieces of tourmalines  and aquamarine. Few pieces of xenotime in matrix from Zagga. Some very gemmy quality  spessartine were also present.


In hall A4 and A5 there was the usual presence of morocco dealers ....but only few of them have some interesting pieces of good quality , above all some samples of nice cobaltocalcite from Morocco in dark color and the new fluorites from El Hammam and Guercif.  From South Africa there were nice samples of colored cactus quartz as well some new yellow ettringites.

From Namibia a new find of dioptase crystals and amethyst together with some boltwoodites  , shorls and aquamarine from Erongo


From Europe  there were many classic specimens on display   with some good german pieces of fluorites from  severals localities and silver on arsenic from Saxony.  From Romania we noticed only some nice semseytes and  fluorite from Cavnic.  From Slovakia a new find of interesting Variscite and Wavellite.  For those who like uranium minerals there were some very good pieces of metautunnite from Portugal

From Alps some classic scepter amethyst  and  new very good emeralds from Habactal . There were some classic smoky quartz from several area  in Alps starting from M. Blanc and Switzerland area. In particular we point out a new find of smoky gwindel from Goshener Alp.

From Russia  there were  not many dealers  ..  but  with some good pieces ..... here we highlight a new find of arsenopyrite on quartz from dal'nergosk area.  A very good quality pieces of Baikal rubellite s  and from Kola some museum quality bobbierite but  too expensive. From Slatoust Urals some new perowskite. From Siberia no new findings,  only some interesting colorless fluorite from dal'nergosk and 'fat ' red quartz from the same place. Finally gemmy heliodor from Ukraine.


North & South America

From USA   no news  but many exceptional pieces were  showed by various dealers.  We notice very good samples of benitoite and neptunite showed by Lawinsky , as well as good crystallized gold and copper.  From  Peru' a local  dealer had many good red rhodocrosite that were swapped quickly during setup. A really new find from Mexico was the  amethyst quartz on damburrite crystals  that were very nice and unusual even if in few and little samples.

Glück Auf !!