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Alpine Minerals & More

In the show there is a section  traditionally dedicated to local thematic exhibitions and private collections

Alpine Minerals from Trentino (Italy)

In the hall A4  traditionally dedicated to local and private collections there was an interesting and complete exhibition  of minerals from Trentino, an alpine region in North Italy.

Private Collections

Fossil Museum of Bolca (Italy)

From Fossil Museum of Bolca  (Italy) an interesting series of fossils. The Fossil Museum of Bolca is the most important museum in the world for tropical sea fossils. Here you can view fish, aquatic and terrestrial plants, shells, insects that are all hard evidence of what lived  over 50 million years ago. The fossils are mostly from ‘Pesciara’ which is a tunnel dug into a quarry pit. Other finds are from neighbouring areas. 

Pegmatite Minerals from Elba Island

For lover of Elba Island minerals a very nice selection of gemmy Elbaites with the classic Mre head termination from the collection of the Munich Museum.


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