Mineral Market

Here we are to the 44rd edition of the Munich Mineral show.  In this page we try to describe the content of the show in terms of new specimens, exhibitors, news from the mineralogical world. These are just impressions, not a systematic report of what displayed, so the criteria are just personal, not scientific nor commercial or others.....


As usual in Munich Mineral Show is possible find the best material form Europe, and also in this edition this was true.  Among the others,  the best and outstanding specimens were the Alpine Minerals with  incredible large  Pink Fluorites, smoky quartz, Iron Roses, ecc.; looking around were present also same old and difficult to find specimens from Sardinia, Silver from Norway and from Germany and many more classic specimens.  About new findings very interesting were very few  Prase  Quartz passing to amethyst to the top from Serifos Island and some pluricentimetric Zircons from Switzerland.

Asia & Russia

No many news from Russia and from the other asiatic countries ( excluding Pakistan ): there were same russian dealers with good specimens and good quality with the usual minerals from these regions, among them to underline bright Orpiment from El' Brusskiy, Bornite  and some other specimens from Dal'negorsk.   One of the remarkable new finding were nice Natrolite specimens in large semitransparent crystals from Kola Peninsula. 


Many and interesting the news from this country that continues to amaze with big quantity and good quality of specimens offered, ...and overall  with many new proposals.  Very interesting the red wulfenite in complex aggregates and with crystals till 3 cm, absolutly new were the green Adamites that look like the famous ones from Mexico, then  bright red gemmy tourmaline on quartz matrix.  Thinking to the other new minerals from this country I remember many different kind of Fluorite (from dark red to green colour), white showy scepter quartz and prase quartz.  In addition some remarable classics from this  country , like gemmy Cinnabar, same good Realgar, same good outstanding  Pyromorphite, gemmy Scheelite from Sichuan,rhodocrosite  ...


From  America we found some outstanding, old specimens from classic localities: many of these in the exhibitions of top american dealers. To remark some interesting copper pseudomorphs after aragonite from Bolivia, very interesting, but proposed at high prices.... 

From Barzil usual very nice minerals. To be remarked  high level Brazilianites from a new pocket eith gemmy quality in large crystals over white cream orthoclase and Apatites of an unusual brown to black color , with a perfect gemmy crystallization till 3-4 centimeters. 

Pakistan & Afghanistan

Pakistan as usual is a source of high quality specimens.  In this section we want to highlight, beside the ususal gemmy pegmatite minerals, auqmarine, topat pink apatites, etc., some new findings of unusual minerals, like some large gemmy herderite crystals till 2-3 cm, outstanding transparent deep green emerald peridotes in association with black magnetite and interesting large crystals of tantalite

Gemmy peridotes Spectacuar large Herderites
Gemmy Aquamarine and Tourmaline Pink Green Fluorite


Form Africa, no specific news from Morocco; we want to highlight a new fining of  yellow-green beryls with a deeper color termination in association with black tourmaline from Erongo , cobaltoan calcite in showy aggregates of crystals from South africa and very few specimens of large scalenohedric crystals from Zaite, in assoction with malachite and copper.

Berils from Erongo Cobaltoan Calcite from South Africa
Cobaltocalcte from Congo Erytrite from Bou Azzer


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