Aurina Valley mineralogical place visited in 2003
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As almost every year I spent a part of the Summer holidays in the Italian Alps, and Aurina valley is one of my favourite places.   Also this year I visited some mineralogical places in this valley which is the Italian part of the more famous Zillertal Alps  and here I present you a sort of photo album to better appreciate and have a look of the places were some minerals are found.

forcelladelpicco03.jpg (18931 byte)

A view of the entire valley taken from the forcella del picco (2700 m)  The right side of the valley is almost gneiss with many fissures of quartz, apatite and titanite. The left side is good for minerals only in the Northern part   and very famous for green titanites and rutile.

forcelladelpicco07.jpg (18224 byte) forcelladelpicco04.jpg (18901 byte)
A view of Forcella del Picco were many good rutile pieces were in past collected ...the place now is finished A panoramic view from the forcella to the Austrian side with the Grossvenediger area were many good smaples could be found



giogolungo02.jpg (18301 byte) giogolungo06.jpg (18956 byte)

The famous Wind Valley : green titanites apatites,
but also rare specimens as Euclase , Milarite, Damburrite
were found

The Giogo Lungo  at the top of the Wind valley ..
.from here you can reach the highermineralogical
places of the valley
giogolungo13.jpg (17856 byte) giogolungo15.jpg (19265 byte)
The Pizzo Rosso and Valle Rossa famous for the green titanites and quartz




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A view of Area  Cima dei Covoni with the beautiful alpine lake. This area is famous for the Amethyst quartz and scepters.

See above on the left the a couple of old digs



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By Giovanni