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2003 Update

Aurina valley is located in the North-East region of Italy . You can reach this beatiful valley from the city of Brunico towards Campo Tures . From a geological perspective this valley is caracterized in the right side, by the Tauri ortogneiss  ant in the left side by micascisti , anfipholites and ofiolites

Minerals can be found inside the tipical alpine vugs , that could be few meters large. You can see the best samples from this region visithing the Jaurina.gif (8299 byte). Kirchler museum in S. Giovanni village.. for example green titanites up to 5 cm , milarite , quartz XX over 100 Kg.

There are many places in the valley were you can look for minerals, but now it's very hard to find new places , you have to walk for many hours and reach place over 2500 m. high

For different times , during many holidays some of us visited the most famous mineral places in this valley and here is a brief description

Left side of the Valley

Forcella del Picco-1

This is the most northern place of the valley , you can reach it from Casere following the n.13 path which brings you to the Tridentina refuge. This palce is famous fot the rutile XX up to 2 cm in association with pericline and muscovite. Here we found some good piece with little XX of sagenite and periclino.


Valle Rossa - Monte Sella -places where to look for  titanite


Valle Rossa e Val del Vento -2

These are the most famous places for the green titanite , periclino, quartz and many other minerals. You can do a nice excursion from Casere following the n. 11 path to the Valle Rossa (here you pass trought the old copper mine) and after 3 hours walk you reach the Giogo Lungo refuge. There are many place in the valley were you can look , but you have to be very luckly to find something good. leaving the refuge you can descend throught the Val del Vento were we found some periclino and adularia samples.Pizzo Rosso - Valle Rossa




Right side of the Valley

Waldner See - 3

You can reach this place from the village of Predoi , following the   n 16B path and after 2 hours walk you arrived at this beautiful lake.Near the lake it's possible to find some sample of adular and rutil.


Sasso Nero  glacier



Valle del rio Rosso Forcella del rio Torbo e Sasso nero - 4

This is another classic place of the valley. There are many places spread around the Sasso Nero mountain. for example just near the Vittorio veneto refuge  we found some periclino vugs and almandine garnet. This place is very nice and could be reached from Lutago following the n 23 path. with a 6 hours walk. It's better to sleep at the refuge to do some reserch the day after also in the glacer. Here weRif.Vittorio Veneto m 2920 - Cresta di Rio Torbo found some yellow titanites with pericline.




At last we can say that it's a very difficult research you should have much time to spend in those places.Below you can see some nice  samples in local collections.




Mvc-047s.jpg (6281 byte)

Damburrite su Adularia coll. Kirchler

Mvc-049s.jpg (9655 byte)

Titanite Verde  X 5 cm coll Kirchler

Mvc-088f.jpg (17400 byte)

Titanite con Ematite- Coll. Kofler