Bologna Mineral's Show 2006
37° edition -

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The Bologna  mineral show is the first of Italian show  and the bigger after Tucson   so   here you can have a taste of what's new after Tucson. It's an established appointment for  that no italian collectors can miss for the participation of bigger mineral  dealers from  Italy Europe Pakistan China : in this edition about 290 exhibitors to represent all the sectors of mineralogy, paleontology, gemmology and malachology.   To underline the characteristic of this show is to not admit polished and carved materials and jevellery that makes it a really ‘professional’ event.

Different general view of the mineral show

Inside the show each year is organized special exhibitions with interesting specimen from museum and private collections that allowed the public to view treasure that normally is very hard to see…   In this edition the main thematic exhibition was: ‘Minerals fom Mont Blanc’ with fantastic alpine  specimens from the Italian and French side  mainly smoky quartz ,gwindel , pink flourite chabasite stilbite  bissolite and  faden quartz  
Another interesting special exhibitions inside the show was dedicated to 'Imitation' or 'False' specimens also to help the collector to recognize this kind of specimens

Some view and  samples Phosgenite , Demantoid, Tourmalines Gold....

In this edition of the show we haven’t see many new minerals or finding,  the most important new things were same classic specimens that same big dealers present after Tucson Mineral Show  mainly gem minerals   tourmaline  and  beryls in all variety  From Italy very nice pieces from old collection   and some from Tuscany  among these there where a new find of prasio quartz from Elba island  and some new tourmalines  from the pegmatite of monte Capanne Elba.  Other classic  old pieces of demantoids  , boulangerite from Bottino mine.  From Alps some collectors with   nice  quartz and some more rare minerals like cervandonite, synchesite and anatase. and nice chabasite from M Blanc. Other interesting samples where offered from sardinia with some old phosgenites, flourites of nice colors  barite and anglesite. From Sicily a couple of rare haureite crystals and nice old sulphurs pieces Another news  where as rarities for systematic  Tourmaline in green brown needles from Carrara marble presented by Granai

 From China was possible to see many transparent green fluorite from Xianghupau - Hunan   with still hight prices and some good old pyromorphytes. A very intersteing pieces where crystalized molybdenite in association with quartz.  From Pakistan  showy specimens of the classic gems minerals and  some nice bastnaesite in single crystals  and yellow xenotime from Zagga   For systematic collectors, some interesting italian minerals from Tuscany like peretaite , ceteinite and above all a nice sample of Silver and Argentite from Sarrabus Sardinia.  

From  Rumania there where many pieces of the new realgar but generally in poor samples with many damages and glued crystals.

The Special Exibithion was impressive for the first time in Italy, we admired some exceptional specimens of red and rose fluorite,  of several centimetres long, smoky quartz with “Gwindel” crystallization, of quite big dimensions, all coming out from the French collectors Eric Asselborn and Denis Boel.
Further specimens of crystal druses of “Gwindel” fume quartz will be shown also by some friend of us who personally collect in M.Blanc massife Rocco and Davide. Moreover we'll have the pleasure of admiring some very rare specimens of the private collection of Roberto Ferronato and Franco Lucianaz. ialine Quartz coming from the Miage glacier, with inclusions of bissolite needles and extraordinary crystals of sferoidal stilbite and cubic chabasite

Some samples of the special exihibition   ...

  General speaking we can say that this edition of the show was very good for quality and quantity of mineral specimens, there were also a good selection of Italian  and Alpine minerals .  While from abroad there where not many news   less Chinese dealers that in the other years some Morocco Dealers but with with no novely.

About the public we can say that there was an hight participation (mainly on Saturday and Sunday, less on Friday ) even if many of them had only a general interest for minerals and the mineral collectors were only a small part of the total. 

Silver Argentite  Sarrabus Amethyst from Las Vigas
Molybdenite on Quartz China Prasio from Elba
Blue Flourite from Sardinia Bastnaesite and Xenothime from Pakistan
Ettringite from South Africa Exceptional tourmaline from Elba  4 cm hight

See you in 2007