Bologna Mineral's Show 2007
38° edition -

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The Bologna  mineral show is the main international mineral event in Italy   It's an established appointment with about 270 290 exhibitors to represent all the sectors of mineralogy, paleontology, gemmology and malachology.   To underline the characteristic of this show is to not admit polished and carved materials and jevellery that makes it a really ‘professional’ event.

Different general view of the mineral show  and our booth

Inside the show each year is organized special exhibitions with interesting specimen from museum and private collections that allowed the public to view treasure that normally is very hard to see…   In this edition the main thematic exhibition was: ‘Minerals from Traversella’  with very old pieces from the collection of Turin museum and the Traversella mine local museum. The exhibition was for real specialist with many intersting samples   from old and new finds

Tourmaline from Vietman Euklase from Colombia
Cobaltoan calcite from Morocco Wulfenite from S. francisco mine
Iron cross twinned pyrite from Elba Aquamarines from Pakistan
Poldevartites and Chinese Euklase

In this edition we try to highlight some of the news and specimens present at the show  ..... From Italy very nice classic specimen from old collection availble on the market and some news like amethyts quartz from elba island in non well formed crystals but with intense color till 2 cm . Always from Elba and some intresteing samples of iron cross twinned pyrite  collected about 40 years ago and also some good specimen of tourmaliines  a  from the pegmatite of monte Capanne Elba. 
 Other interesting find from Tuscany were very nice and big (till 3 cm) crystals of black quartz from Monte Riggioni and some big fenester quartz from Porretta

Among foreing news there were some very nice poldervadites of red color found in Kalahari mines about 2 weeks before the show . From China we pint out intersting euklas of trasparent color in crystal till 7 mm   that have nothing to see with the nice blue euclase from colombia.

From Vietman there were many spinel pieces and  clinohumites  but also a new strike of elbaites of pink green color with crystals till 12 cm

The Special Exibithion was impressive for the big scheelites on talc matrix and for the amethyst for which Traversella mine is know worldwide.
A new find was done in the mine last december from the group who manage the traversella museum : native silver  in very nice samples luster on dolomite matrix...  Incredible!

Some samples of the special exihibition   ...

  General speaking we can say that also this edition of the show was very good for quality and quantity of mineral specimens, there were also a good selection of Italian  and foreign minerals .  

About the public we can say that there was an hight participation along the 3 days  of the show  with many visitors also from other European countries . 

Augelite from Peru' Rutile from Brasil
Fenester quartz from Porretta Elbaite from Elba
Pakistan gem mix Cuprite from Zaire

See you in 2008