Bologna Mineral's Show

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Also this  March we participated to the 32 °Bologna mineral show. In this section you can read some of our impressions about this mineral show, that is one of the most important in Italy with about 260 dealers from 22 Countries.


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General view of the mineral show Our stand at the Bologna mineral show

This year there was  a section of 20 show-cases for the special show dedicated to the mineralogical collection of the Milan Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences, mainly dedicated to Italian mineralogy and recent acquisition from reserches in Madagascar and   Isole Faeroers

A remarkable section was dedicated to paleontology with the complete skeleton of the adrosaurus found in the province of Trieste, many dinousaurus models and videos about dinosaurus life. This is the main fossil show in Italy and there were a lot of fossil dealers

In the 3 days of the show there were many visitors from all Europe maybe more than last year (12000)

There were many minerals dealers but very few Italian rockhounders and there wasn't any big news in mineralogy finds.

Perhaps the most interesting pieces were very nice vanadinites from Mibladen. It seems that those pieces were found last Autumn and are in association with barite ,and black goethite. These are the best pieces we have seen in the last 5 years and the Morocco dealers sold very quickly.

Among the italian minerals there were some intersting topazzolite from Val di Viu' ( XX 1,5 cm) many good sulphur from sicily and very nice sardinian minerals among all Mr Spiga was showing a nice barite from silius and nice anglesites.

Among others we saw some interesting rutile samples from Azerbadjain and luster Sulphur XX ; We also noticed some nice but expensive red quartz samples from Dalgernosk

Recent finds from China that we saw at Tucson were in many tables ( Ossola, Ottens) : Inesite, Hubeite, cerussite and good stannite XX on quartz. There were also a good selection of pakistan  gem mineral samples , spanish flourites  and very nice pieces from Serifos and Laurion

Among local collectors there were some exibitors with nice selenite roses, black quartz and interesting millerites, .

The show was as usual well organized and very interesting even if there wasn't many mineralogy news which recently appared on the market , for example Iranian minerals....the bad news is that the prices are generally raising

Here below we will show some of the most interesting new specimens we found . Clearly the choice is strictly subjective, and we apologize with the exhibitors that aren't present in this personal selection. We gave preference to the italian minerals , since this is one of the best occasion to find some very interesting italian minerals and .....they aren't so well known. .....

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XX Orthoclase  with bavenite from Baveno ( NO - Italy )  

- Milan Museum collection -

Green Fluorite from Baveno

- Milan Museum collection -

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Orthoclase  with Fluorite from Baveno

- Milan Museum collection -

Phosgenite from Monteponi   8x7 cm

- Milan Museum collection -

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fluorite from  Zogno XX 20 cm

- Milan Museum collection -

Londonite from Madagascar

- Milan Museum collection -

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RUTILE X i 6 cm - Azerbadjan

- Stone flower. -

Red quartz Dalgernosk

Jeff & Gloria. -

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Acquamarine XX  12 cm

-  Bernardeschi. -

Vanadinite on barite from Mibladen