Bologna Mineral's Show

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Also this year  the first Italian main show of the Season is gone:  the 33 °Bologna mineral show. In this section , as usual you can read some of our impressions about this mineral show


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General view of the mineral show Our stand at the Bologna mineral show

This year there was  a section of 20 show-cases for the special show dedicated to the mineralogical collection of the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Paris

Another section mainly dedicated to young visitors was a sort of "Jurassic park " with the complete models of dinos in their habitat and a gold-fishing game

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In the 3 days of the show there were many visitors from all Europe mainly in the Saturday and Sundays

There were many minerals dealers but very few Italian rockhounders and there wasn't any big news in mineralogy finds.

Perhaps the most interesting pieces were very nice new Green Apophillites from India . It seems that those pieces were found last Autumn   and came up at Munich Show . Now rumors on the find say that it's over   ....... so the prices raised  a lot  but let's wait this could be another 'cavansite' story

Among the italian minerals there was almost nothing new  many good sulphur from Sicily some nice vesuvianites from Bellecombe, interesting  antimonites and gypsum from tuscany and very few alpine minerals

From Europe there were many tables of minerals from  Dal' gernosk  but nothing  exciting ,  a couple of dealer show interesting and rare specimens from Lovozero massif  such as elpidites and villiaumites. Another dealer show beautiful realgar samples and others minerals from Baia Mare Rumania.

From China there were the usual pieces of flourites and  schelites...and very nice spessartine garnet with smoky quartz.. There were also a good selection of pakistan  gem mineral samples ,in the top dealers tables. The Morocco dealer  had poor vanadinites samples and azzurrites, but in the mess a remarkable flat of green apatites that I bought immediately and some nice skutterudites

The show was as usual well organized and   interesting even if some shells stome carvings ...and so on came up on the tables.

Here below we will show some pictures of the Paris Museum collection and from the show......till the next year it' all


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Quartz from La GArdette - F

- Paris Museum collection -

Helvite from china

- Paris Museum collection -

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ULLMANNITE from Masaloni - sardinia

- Paris Museum collection -

Silver from Sardinia

- Paris Museum collection -

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Green Apophyllite from India A colorful selection of mexican smithsonites
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Top specimens Selection Tanzanites !!
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