Bologna Mineral's Show 2003

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Also this year  the first Italian main show of the Season is gone:  the 34 °Bologna mineral show. In this section , as usual, you can read some of our impressions about this mineral show

In these notes you will find our impressions on this big  mineral show that is by far the most important Italian event for collectors and dealers. 

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General view of the mineral show Padiglione Polivalente

Many visitors on saturday and sunday ; very quiet on friday without the expected rush of collectors to find new things.Where were they? Probably looking for money,due to the economic problems of these days.

The special exibits were dedicated to pegmatitic minerals. From Italy a wonderful selection of Tourmalines and other minerals from Elba Island (Federico Pezzotta collection),really a classical italian location, and from Adamello Park (Milano Natural History Museum),same presented in  last Munich show. From Brasil,Pakistan and U.S.A. monster size specimens of the Tironi collection in Sondrio.

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Tourmaline,Rosina vein - Elba


Tourmaline,Rosina vein - Elba


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Tourmaline, Grotta d'oggi - ELBA




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Tormalina,himalaya mine,california




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Amazonite,minas gerais,brasile


In the area for young collectors Jurassic skulls, gold panning ,meteorites and moon discovery. 

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A little ancestor Around the moon

There were many minerals dealers but very few Italian rockhounders and there wasn't any big news in mineralogy finds.

From usual dealers and from some newcomers very good minerals even if no stunning event. .

Among the most recent findings  Tourmalines from Pederneira,Zircons from Thailand, Madagascar Mineral like Amazonites,new Celestites,Quartz of very kinds,Londonites .From Peru' new Silver ( Webmineralshop will soon sell some of them) and nice octahedral pyrites (common mineral,yes, but very showy),with Rodhocrosite e Fluorite

 From India many Cavansites of fine quality at a very reasonable price and also the new  Aphofillites that are slowly lowering their quotation.  

For people with full pocket Ennio Prato offered  beautiful Rodhocrosites from Sweet Home,big crystals with deep red colour.

From China many minerals offered by Italian dealers that are now travelling very often for shopping and by chinese dealers (at a lower quality).For example many green octahedral Fluorite,Scheelites,Quartz associated with Calcite and Barite.Almost disappeared is Inesite and scarce is Antimonite.WebMinerals had some examples of the new found Mimetite from Guilin,orange-yellow coloured.

From Pakistan abundance of Acquamarines,Topaz,Apatites.And the prices from Paki dealers are lowering (crisis?..)

Always very large quantity of purple green Vesuvianite from Asbestos,Canada.But the prices seem to be too high.

Among Italian Minerals no significant news . Good sicilian Sulphur and a new Marcasite from Bivoni (Ag);fair antimonite  and gypsum from Tuscany.And from Elba Ematite and Pyrite.No new mineral from Alps.

This year Moroccan dealers didn't bring any good.The only interesting material was Fluorine (gren and yellow) and we acquired some excellent samples.

Also Russian Minerals are scarce.Karp,the most specialized dealer, was offering Chinese stuff!! 

The show was as usual well organized and overall interesting. That's all for this year...Goodbye and arrivederci to the next Bologna Mineral show.

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Rodocrositi e Acquamarine




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Celestina e Quarzo,Madagascar


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 Marcasite e Zolfo,Sicilia




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Quarzo -Cina


excellent exibit from a well known dealer


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Part of WebMinerals table


Aliens are coming......