Bologna Mineral's Show 2004, 35 edition

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Also this year we are partecipating as dealer and  Genova show organizers to one on the best italian Mineral show  which is the first  of the season   In this section , as usual, you can read some of our impressions about this mineral show that is by far the most important Italian event for collectors and dealers. 

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General view of the mineral show Part of WebMinerals table

Saturday and sunday were crowdy of visitors and collectors;  less people  on friday  expecially some foreign visitors and dealer interested in bying some lots and the usual rush of some  collectors to find new things.

The special exhibits were dedicated to minerals and fossil from Trentino and Dolomiti area. The exhibition was  located at the entrance  with  several showcases containg very interesting minerals. Above all we noticed the very nice giant flourite crystal from Vignola mine collected in december 2002 in the abanoded gallieries of this old mine. Other very intersting pieces were nice selection from The Monzoni area with fassaite of 3 cm and  the famous   pink anortite in association with blue calcite and green fassaite.  From val Buffaure area nice samples of quartz and calcite  in severel color and the classic   quartz after analcime  and from the Val Duron  pink quarzt and prehenites calcites.  Other very nice samples were the Flourite with piromorphyte from 5 valli Val sugana

Among the fossil we noticed the nice megalodon , and classic sample from the S. Cassianio formation and for the first time the Megachirella vachtleri an ancient type of lizard

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A Showcase with classic geodes from Tiso Calcite covered by chabasite crystals from Val S.Nicolo Val di Fassa
bo2004_03.jpg (67955 byte) bo2004_04.jpg (69857 byte)
The nice pink anorthite from Monzoni val di Fassa Pink Quartz from Val Duron , Val di Fassa
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The giant Vignola flourite crystals found on december 2002 Megachirella vachtleri an ancient type of lizard


There were many minerals dealers and  few Italian rockhounders and there wasn't any big news in mineralogy finds but several old classic coming out from old collection sold to the market

Among these ones there very nice museum quality Phosgenite from Sardinia in crystal up to 15 cm  other classic minerals were from Tuscany with nice Ilvaite  Pyrite and Hematite from Elba Island. From Alps two tables of collectors were proposing nice  finds of the past summers with several pieces of smoky quartz , gwindel and hessonite. Among all we point out the incredible pieces of Chabasite and  Stilbite in association with quartz and bissolite from Miage Glacier. M. Blanc

Finally some old classic from Traversella mine such as very nice scheelites  and native gold from Brusson Mine

From overseas very nice classic gem minerals specimens were offered by several daelers excepional crystals of Topaz and tourmaline from Brasil, Acquamarine from Pakistan and a very good selection of pieces in such as spessartite always from Brasil and intersting but quite expensive green variscite

For people looking for high level pieces there  beautiful Rhodocrosites from Sweet Home,big crystals with deep red colour.

From China there were many minerals offered by Italian dealers that are now travelling very often for shopping and by chinese dealers (at a lower quality). For example some piece of the new  green purple octahedral Fluorite, Scheelites,Spessartite and smoky quartz hematite and quartz .

This year many Moroccan dealers were present at usual but it seems that nothing good of new is coming out from morocco expet for the El hammam flourites in severeal color from green - yellow to brown

Also some East Europe  dealers were present  with classic Dal'nergosk material consisting mainly of the trasparent flourites and rare minerals from Kola peninsula but now new items . We point out a good selection of rare minerals from Slovakia .

Finally from Madagascar a good selection of very nice pieces were present mostly the new matrix red-purple corundum and the classic pezzottaites .

The show was as usual well organized and overall interesting thanks to the caracteristic rule of  not admitting polished carved materials and jewelry makes it a good event for minerals collectors and dealers. That's all for this year...seeyou to the next Bologna Mineral show.

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Chabasite from Miage Glacier (summmer 2003) M. Blanc One of the best samples of Stilbite found last summer in the miage glacier
bo2004_15.jpg (69290 byte) bo2004_17.jpg (65595 byte)
A huge phosgenite crystal (Ferrero's minerals) from Monteponi A very nice Linarite from S'oreri mine (Ferrero's minerals)
bo2004_18.jpg (73993 byte) bo2004_19.jpg (67429 byte)
Ferrero's minerals phosgenite   display A nice Epidoto (3,5 cm )   Bissolite and quartz from France Alps
bo2004_35.jpg (67775 byte) bo2004_23.jpg (70551 byte)
A very nice crystalized gold from Brusson ( Chianale ) excellent Brasilian topaz (R.Prato)
bo2004_25.jpg (66154 byte) bo2004_28.jpg (70905 byte)
Golden barite from Nevada ( R. Prato)  
bo2004_31.jpg (72330 byte) bo2004_32.jpg (69751 byte)
  Other excellent Topaz from Brasil (Tironi Minerali)
bo2004_33.jpg (69104 byte) bo2004_34.jpg (73359 byte)
Nice Brasilian tourmaline and quartz ( E. Prato) The Karp table with mostly Dal'nergosk specimens