Bologna Mineral's Show 2005
36° edition -

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Also this year is finished the last edition (XXXVI) of Bologna Mineral Show, the most important show in Italy and one of the most important in Europe; a mineral show that no italian collectors can miss for the participation of bigger mineral  dealers from all the world: in this edition about 270 exhibitors to represent all the sectors of mineralogy, paleontology, gemmology and malachology.   To underline the characteristic of this show is to not admit polished and carved materials and jevellery that makes it a really ‘professional’ event.

Different general view of the mineral show

Inside the show each year is organized special exhibitions with interesting specimen from museum and private collections that allowed the public to view treasure that normally is very hard to see…   In this edition the main thematic exhibition was: ‘Gold, silver and copper: the precious metal’ with fantastic gold specimens from Italy and from abroad, and interesting silver and copper specimens, besides very rare platinum nuggets.    Among the gold specimens to sign the important specimens from Brusson Mine (Aosta Valley) and same other from Australia and from United States.

Another interesting special exhibitions inside the show was dedicated to 'Imitation' or 'False' specimens also to help the collector to recognize this kind of specimens ('s a pity that after inside the show there were same offer of these 'specimens'!)

Gold, silver and copper: the precious metal - Same picture

In this edition of the show we haven’t see many new minerals or finding, maybe the most important new things were same classic specimens that same big dealers present after Tucson Mineral Show and some other from old collection; among the new things maybe the most important were the new blue green fluorite from Sicily that G. Agozzino presented on his stand, from China was possible to see new transparent green fluorite from Xianghupau - Hunan that we found directly in China one year ago (…and that we have on our site).   From Carrara Quarry, F. Granai presented same outstanding specimens of Wurtzite and other rare minerals from this famous italian locality.  From Mali showy specimens of Epidote in association with green prenhite balls.   For systematic collectors, that in this show usually find many interesting things were present interesting Tellurio crystals, other rare minerals from Egypt (Trona,  Burkeite, Thenardite) and same uncommon minerals from Laurion Mine in Greece.    General speaking we can say that this edition of the show was good for quality and quantity of mineral specimens, it’s a pity that in all the show were only a few  Italian specimens and  dealers specialized   only in Italian specimens, and more rare is the exhibitors with only research materials (..we hope that this situation could be change in future because we think that mineral collection need new finding and direct rockhounders).    Another consideration about the exhibitions of dealers from Pakistan, China and Morocco that usually in this show proposed new and interesting specimens, in this edition we didn't see new minerals from them.

About the public we can say that there was a good participation (mainly on Saturday and Sunday, less on Friday ) even if many of them had only a general interest for minerals and the mineral collectors were only a small part of the total. 

Fluorite from Sicily - Italy Fluorite from Xianghupau - Cina
Tourmaline from Brasil Alpine Minerals
Rodocrosite speciemens from Soth Africa Epidote and Prhenite from Mali
Fluorite from Zogno - Italy Gypsum from Noccioleta - Italy

Bologna and Emilia region is famous in Italy for his typical dishes (from tortellini, to salumi, to parmisan cheese, etc.) and for same very good wine (Lambrusco and Sangiovese), maybe for this inside the show was present two stand with testing of wine and various kinds of could meats and salami that had a good success of visitors.

...not only a mineral show