Bologna Mineral's Show


At the beginning of March we participated to the Bologna mineral show. In this section you can read some of our impressions about this mineral show, that is one of the most important in Italy. You can also find  some pictures of the specimens that we have more appreciated.

bo_pan.JPG (21382 byte) bo_stand.JPG (23736 byte)
General view of the mineral show Our stand at the Bologna mineral show

This year the  section of the mineral show Sold to the private exhibitors was reduced respect to other years since a part was Sold to a special exposition of italian minerals from museums . The specimens were very interesting but the quality and the lay out of the exposition were scanty. This part of the exihibition appeared an "appendix" not connected to the mineral show more that a real part of it. The stands were mainly of international exhibitors and sellers, but the rockhounders were almost completely absent. In our opinion the organisation should reserve a space to these stands , possibly at cheaper prices.  The type of the exposed minerals was mainly international specimens, aesthetic and of good to very good average quality.  There were also some stands of good italian minerals, particularily sicilian sulphur, Demantoids from Malenco valley, Gold from Brusson and gypsum on pyrite from Niccioleta mine.  Among the remarkable new specimens exposed, fantastic Ilvaite from Elba island, Pyromorphite from China , fluorescent green fluorite from Cumberland. There were also some very interesting german stands, specialized in Indian zeolites.

Here below we will show some of the most interesting new specimens we found . Clearly the choice is strictly subjective, and we apologize with the exhibitors that aren't present in this personal selection. We gave preference to the italian minerals , since this is one of the best occasion to find some very interesting italian minerals and .....they aren't so well known. .....


bo_orto.JPG (19799 byte) bo_schtr.JPG (9457 byte)
XX Ortoclase with a large blue cubic fluorite from Baveno quarry ( Novara - Italy )    Scheelite X ( 6 cm ) well evident on talc, from Traversella  mine (Ivrea - Italy)
bo_pirbr.JPG (12393 byte) bo_gran.JPG (18308 byte)
XX (6-7 cm ) of ottaedric pyrite with hematite XX from Brosso mine (Ivrea - Italy) Hessonite ( more than centimetric ) with diopside from Ala Valley (Turin - Italy)
bo_barin.JPG (15510 byte) bo_barin1.JPG (12753 byte)
Large ( 2-5 cm ) barite XX yellow trasparent from  Narcao ( Sardegna - Italy) Fantastic Barite  X well evident ( 6-7 cm ) Narcao ( Sardegna - Italy)
bo_gesp.JPG (15988 byte) bo_pirin.JPG (13547 byte)
Large Pirite cubic  XX   ( 4 cm side ) with a large trasparent gypsum X ( 14 cm ) from Niccioleta mine  ( Grosseto - Italy) Large pirite cubic XX ( 4 - 5 cm )  from Niccioleta  ( Grosseto - Italy)
bo_granrom.JPG (12574 byte) bo_orob.JPG (13029 byte)
Almandine large X ( 4-5 cm ) from Rombo Pass Gold dendrites pluricentimetric from Brusson mine
bo_zol1.JPG (11014 byte) bo_zols.JPG (15877 byte)
Sulphur ( 4-5 cm ) with bitumen from Cozzodisi mine, Sicily Sulphur ( 4-5 cm ) trasparent and very bright from Cozzodisi mine, Sicily
bo_zolp.JPG (18664 byte) bo_antim.JPG (18702 byte)
Bipiramidal sulphur ( 3-4 cm ) from Perticara mine, Marche Fantastic cluster of Antimonite needles very bright, 10-15 cm long from Manciano mine, Tuscany
bo_ilv1.JPG (10934 byte) bo_ilv2.JPG (15583 byte)
Ilavaite of 7 cm from Elba island Other Ilvaite from Elba Island
bo_quac.JPG (11916 byte) bo_mim1.JPG (20526 byte)
Classic quartz X  perfectly trasparent and behind a sulphur crystal on the Carrara Marble A large( 70x40 cm , kg 35 ) piece completely covered of extremely bright, brilliant XX of yellow mimetite, from Thailand