A funny and a little crazy day around Alps looking for pink Fluorites

Chamonix and Disentis Mineral Shows

The  day program was to start early in the morning from Milan and to go to Mineral Show of Chamonix in France (...thorough Switzerland because Mt.Blanc Tunnel is still close ); ok there are many chilometres but pink fluorite from Mt. Blanc can't wait and  Chamonix mineral show is a traditional appointement.  We known that this year there was much snow on Alps and the 'cristallier' have started research only recently, ....but the curiosity and the possibility to find something of good is too big and we went...

After 3 hours we arrived in Chamonix and we verify that our previsions wasn't wrang: many big dealers and among the local cristallier very few new things; the only interesting things were some  amethist from M. Blanc and the smoky and ialine quartz; about pink fluorite only old specimens and we didn't buy nothing.    We visited the mineral show in only one hour, and now??

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We known that in Switzerland there was the Disentis mineral show just in the middle of the Tavetsch Valley  ( the region of Cavradi Ematite, nice smoky quartz, and much more...); ok there are about  240 Km of high mountain road ( in the middle about four alpine pass ), but life is only one so we decide to go.  We took the car and we drove through the Rhone valley, the Furka Pass and the Overalp Pass and after 3,5 hours we arrived in Disentis, a very nice place in the heart of Switzerland  (in this region they still speak an old language that derive directly from latin that is called Romaniche).  The mineral show was inside a school and was simply fantastic.

Here the 90 % of exhibitor was local  searcher, or how they call them here 'straler'; the heaven of smoky quartz, ematite, and all the other alpine minerals (...the only problem was that we haven't much local money with us, so....).   Among the specimens of the mineral show we remember some high level specimens of ematite with rutile from Cavradi, some big and unusual green/yellow alpine apatite and green and brown titanite from Maggia Valley (CH) and many, many very nice smoky quartz specimens.

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In the late afternoon we came back to Milan thogh the Lucomagno Pass and the Ticino Valley, very tired but satisfied...

Alpine pass that we go through:

Grand San Bernardo Pass (2473 m.)
Forclat Pass  (1527 m.)
Montets Pass (1461 m.)
Furka Pass (2431 m.)
Oberalp Pass (2044 m.)
Lucomagno Pass (1916 m)

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