Disentis and Chamonix   Mineral Shows- 2003

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In the first weekend of August in Europe there are two different  Mineral Show that for similar features  they cover an important role within alpine mineral collection: the mineral shows of Chamonix in France and of Disentis in Switzerland.    Both the places are situated in the heart of the Alps and they have always offered a valid reference for the lovers of this type of minerals; also to be able to see the results of the last finds of the French Cristalliers and of the Swiss Sthralers.   In this note we will offer our impressions on the two shows that we visited, about Disentis we are able to give you a photographic reference, while on Chamonix, due to technical problem (...are forgot the camera at home!) we can give only a brief description. 


disentis2003_01.jpg (12218 byte)

Lucomagno pass

disentis2003_04.jpg (14760 byte)

The show before opening

disentis2003_05.jpg (13831 byte)

Waiting to enter

disentis2003_06.jpg (15046 byte)

Good pink flourites

Disentis is situated in the heart of the Switzerland Alps nearby the classical location of Cavradi famous for   the hematite and more in general in the center of a district that has always furnished interesting alpine mineral.   Speaking of the show of Disentis is immediately necessary to consider that if in the world of mineral collector there is  a market crisis this is not true within the Swiss collectors: before opening  a public thick was waiting to enter and after a few hours many of the exhibitors had sold most part of the exposed pieces (... it was some years that we didn't see scenes of this kind).   The exhibitors of this show are only local sthralers that show the results of their searches. In all the show there are no more the 10 minerals species presented : pink fluorites, alpine apatite, titanite , rutile , hematite  and above all alpine quartz in all of their possible habits and colors. About the remarkable things presented in the show: to point out a table with smoky quartz in association with white adularia and bissolite in very aesthetical and bright groups, then some samples of pink fluorites (in association with quartz and also adularia) and finally the quartzes of the Bedretto Valley, some interesting alpine associations from the Maggia Valley and obviously the exposures of hematite of Cavradi.   The show of Disentis is visited in a couple of  hours, but due to the quality of the material statement, the trip it is worth also  to sees the fantastic alpine landscapes .


disentis2003_09.jpg (15361 byte)

Nice Smoky Quartz

disentis2003_14.jpg (15533 byte)

Nice Smoky Quartz

disentis2003_07.jpg (12774 byte)

Good but expensive

disentis2003_21.jpg (12766 byte)

Cristallina Valley



The visit to the show of Chamonix, on Sunday morning, has brought us to the normal interest that is devoted to the mineral ones in this period; also because a fantastic day of sun that probably has pushed the people to prefer the walks on the slopes of the Monte Bianco more then to the visit of the mineral show; so the visitors of the show they were not many.   In  show the most important cristalliers were present  and also some big French dealers, surely good part of the interest was focalized from the exposure of a new discovery of smoky quartz and pink fluorites of big dimensions and really notable quality.   The samples of smoky quartz were all of great dimensions great  quality and hulling, instead the pink fluoritis they were simply exceptional (...we are very sorry not to be able to give  you a photographic testimoniance) in 5 or 6 loose crystals of which the bigger  with hedge of around 20 cm of a deep red color and almost all perfect in shape of  crystals (... the fluorite specimens were only in exhibition!!).  The rest of the show offered good pieces instead with some good alpine quartz and a good selection of pieces of different international places.