Chamonix 2004 Mineral Show

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 Chamonix mineral show has reached the 37th edition and has been held as usual on August 7-8th at the Sport Center.

Webminerals this year has partecipated as exibitor ,and this has been given us the possibility to look ' behind 'the show.

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General view of the show Monte Bianco

This show is quite small,having about 40 exibitors,entirely devoted to minerals and very interesting for the high quality level of the specimen presented ( in fact all the major French dealers are present).One comes to Chamonix to admire Alpine minerals,to hunt for pink fluorites and to meet all the most famous cristallier of the area.

Visitors were quite numerous with a good number of french,swiss and italian collectors ; there has been a large numbers of tourist and many interested to crystals.Quartz is the most present minerals and we have noted , like other French shows a good partecipation of young people.

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 Reigne Mineral magazine table Another view of the show
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A young  cristallier A fantastic group di Pink Fluorites

We saw many interesting new findings,mostly quartz and this year also some excellent pink fluorites at Charlet table.Prices were very high,as expected.

In the special exibition beautiful pieces with association of smoky quartz and pink fluorite,perfect gwindels and less common epidote,calcite,ankerite.Chamonix mineralogical club did organize a special show on Lead minerals,with excellent specimens of Pyromorphite,Mimetite,Anglesite,Wulfenite,from local collectors and dealers.

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A wonderful fluorite on sale  Mineralogic Club of Chamonix exibit.
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The last finding of Mr. Charlet Blood and  Flourites

Among the most interesting things of the show we have noted excellent quartz from La Gardette,a French classical,and new findings of Quartz and Siderite from Isere and Epidote and Albite from Col St.Veran.

Big french dealers were offering as usual top quality worldwide minerals,price very high as usual,mineral is considered an object of art.We see the same offer as in St.Marie aux Mines show.

Some Italian dealers are also present with Alpine minerals and a worldwide choice.

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Quartz from La Gardette Quartz and Siderite
bo2002_09.jpg (16020 byte)
Epidoto and Albite Working at WebMinerals stand

And finally some pictures of the Mont.Blanc area,with the strong suggestion to plan a visit. Next year we will be present again and we can help,may be also in a collecting trip.

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 Mer de Glace Glacier de l'Argentiere
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Aguille vert Glacier du Tour
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And to finish..............