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Minerals-Auction.com   Dealers

UCMINERALS - Specializing in Calcites, Fluorites, and fine minerals from around the world

Edwards Minerals - Purveyors of Fine Minerals and Gemstones

Kevin Conroy Minerals - a good variety of quality minerals at reasonable prices.


UK Mining Ventures - Fine fluorites from the Rogerley Mine

KQ Minerals - a selection of aesthetic and rare minerals at reasonable prices

Greg and Jen Holland Stone Haven minerals

John Teague - Volunteer Gems

Dr. Alessandro Genazzani - Italian Minerals

Giorgio and Marisa Spiga - Bestminerals.com

Dave Douglass - Douglass Minerals

Isaias Casanova - IC Minerals

Mark Wrigley - Thames Valley Minerals

Mike Keim - Marin Minerals

Brian Scholten - Scholten's Fine Minerals


Dealers & Friends Web sites

: A virtual crystal and mineral collection  ( from Switzerland)


Site of Lopatkin Oleg - russian traveller and mineral collector


Worldwide and French chosen specimens

Minerals Fossils, Rocks from Austrialia :


  An Italian friend  Web site

Sicher di Nadia Cardinali accessories for collectors


Northern Pennine Mines from U.K. nice picture and articles about mines explorations

DAKOTA MATRIX MINERALS  specialized not only in minerals from South Dakota

Imageshare.org Digital mineral images !

Crocoite.com : guide you to the minerals and mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand

High Quality Mineral Specimens from Mt. Vesuvius (Italy) for exchange: panunzite, sarcolite, nepheline, humite, green sodalite, thomsonite, tenorite, magnesioferrite and more...

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TOPMIN : A page from a German mineral collector

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FADEN :Monografia del Quarzo con oltre 500 immagini sull'argomento

Celestial Blue fine Australian Minerals

Russian-Minerals -online shop for collectors

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Dave's Lucky Strike  nice minerals at low prices

Ammolite jewelry, Feng Shui ammonites and Cretaceous Period ammonite fossils.




Treasure from the Vug by Brett Shaffer

Associations , Mineralogical sites
Bob's Rock Shop  Gruppo Mineralogico Parmense
Gruppo Mineralogico Cremonese Gruppo Mineralogico Lombardo
Minerali della Provincia di Sondrio Gruppo Mineralogico Fiorentino
Gruppo Geo-Mineralogico Paleontologico Pisano Elba Island Museum photos of Mines and Minerals
Websurfers Biweekly Earth Science Review Club de minéralogie de CHAMONIX
Gruppo Mineralogico Geologico Napoletano Gruppo Mineralogico Piacentino
Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium
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Stichting Schepsel Schelp Shells fossil Museum Marco Macchieraldo minerals
Gems Directory - gems related news, books and web resources. Gruppo Mineralogico Scaligero