Lione Mineral's Show - 2002

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For the second year WebMinerals has ben invited to the Lyon Mineral show in the south east of France.This show,now at the 26th edition is very well known for the excellence of the exibitors and is considered among the top in France with Paris and St.Marie aux Mines.

And it is one of the few remaining where only minerals and related items are admitted,without bijouterie and mounted gems.

Unfortunately this year weather conditions where very adverse due to strong rain falls and the two rivers of the city where close to flood,hence the public was not so large as the paste years.Who came had indeed the possibility of admiring excellent minerals and of increasing collections (euro permitting).

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In the exibits where presented nice minerals from the French alps ,in particular needle quartz from La Gardette mines an old classic now again being productive.Prehnite from Combe de la Selle,anatase and axinite from Bourg d’Oisans and fluorites and smoky quartz from Mt.Blanc area (no new findings but old ones).

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Another typical and very requested mineral from France is Fluorite,which was exibited in cases together with other pices from famous world locations from the collection of Gerard Masse’.

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Gerard,who is also a well known mineral dealer,at his desk was exibiting a suite of Berbes purple Fluorites and barites,a classical finding of late ‘80.

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Regarding new minerals after Munich Show we have not found any new thing,but we have admired some top specimens like a monster smoky scepter quartz from Brasil at Colbert table,a couple of big Morganites from Pakistan at Umberto Righi table and gemmy Spessartine and Acquamarine from Afghanistan.From Brasil gemmy Herderites and WebMinerals will have some on sale soon.

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We don’t mention price on these pieces.!!

From France new Ankerites and Barites from Ardeche and Fluorites (blue and green) from Var region.Also this material will be presented by WebMinerals soon

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As a general impression we continue to be convinced of the high quality of this show.This area is veery well located easy to be reached  either by Italy and by Switzerland and is a valid alternative for mineral collector who haaas no time to visit Munich show.And French friends are always very helpful.

A bientot...aux revoir