2001 Lyon Mineral Show Report
Versione Italiana


On November 9-10-11,A.S.E.M.(L'Association Sud-Est Mineralogique),from 1975 has organized the Lyon Mineral Show in the city of Lyon, a very important French city well known for textiles and antiques.

WebMineralshop was invited for the first time and we gladly accepted the invitation to be present at the show with a significant table (4 meters), exposing Italian and Worldwide minerals.

This show is the 3rd most important in France,after Paris and St.Marie aux Mines,not very large (about 80 exibitors),but highly qualified due to the presence of the main French dealers and to the fact that the Lyon area is the heart of French mineral collectors with a long tradition. This area is very close to the Alps (La Gardette,Lauziere hence quartz,anatase,axinite......)and not far to the Massif Central area (fluorites),so good minerals were and are abundant.


From the opening of the show on friday afternoon,visitors were rushing to find good minerals and work for dealers was good.We noted immediately that the request was for high quality specimens,really "collector quality".Being the show immediately after Munich show we could admire top minerals:Pyromorphites from China,Moroccan Vanadinites,Tourmalines from Brasil,Apatites and Acquamarines from Pakistan.

A special mention must be made to some large specimens of Rutile from Brasil,glossy clusters 15x15 cm.,beautilful view.

Apophillite from India,same quality shown at Munich,was also very impressive(see picture)

A special exibition was dedicated to an important local collection where it was possible to admire a large assembly of French fluorites,in particular a great piece (20x30 cm.) from Tarn with cube crystals up to 8 cm.of a fantastic blue colour.Also Axinites and Anatase from Lauziere Massif and various quartz were very interesting.   

lione13.jpg (22107 byte)

From Berbes (Asturias,Spain) a great fluorite specimen with yellow barite,an old classic,very expensive

Visitors  were continuos on Saturday and Sunday,and we were pleased to see many young collectors interested in acquiring significant specimens,looking for quality and aesthetic at the same time.

Indeed a great experience for everybody (youngs,less youngs,....animals).

A bientot....Aux revoir

by Beppe & Gianfranco.