Mines trips photo album

Zorzone Mine - Brembana Valley - Lombardia

Zinc and Lead Mine closed in 1978

There are many lervels with different entrance; the galleries are still fine with many mine manufactories, as the mine is big you have to walk a lot to find good mineral vug.

Main Minerals that can be found: Auricalcite, Emimorfite, Idrozincite, Smithsonite, Cerussite, Rosasite, Platnerite, Wulfenite

In ours trips, inside the mine, we found: almost all the minerals above and you can see a picture of the last wulfenite pocket that we found.

Brosso Mine - Ivrea - Piemonte

Iron Mine closed in the Sixties.

Is one of the most visited from the collectors; also here there are many levels and the entrance are almost all collapsed with some holes where you can slip in.

Main Minerals that can be found: Siderite, Barite, Pirite, Ematite, Quartz, Magnetite, Ludwigite, Pirrotina, Aragonite, Calcite, Scheelite, Ferberite, Chabasite, Bournonite……and many other.

In ours trips, inside the mine, we didn't find, till now, a large pocket as in ours dreams but good samples of siderite and barite, pirite, magnetite ecc.

Libiola Mine - Sestri Levante - Liguria

Copper and Iron mine closed in the Sixties ( it was worked also from the Roman Age )

Now the entrances are collapsed but there are still few galleries where only crazy people come in; inside the temperature are about 40 degrees and the state of some galleries is dangerous.

Main Minerals that can be found: Inside - Botriogeno, Calcantite, Melanterite, Epsomite, Gypsum, Copper, Allofane, ecc.; Outside - Azzurrite, Malachite, Crisocolla, Silver, Copper, Cuprite, Topazolite, Langite

In ours trips, inside the mine, we found: Gypsum in fine flower XX, Ramshorn Calcantite, Copper, Allofane……we found also the Botriogeno!

zogn1.jpg (14151 byte) zogn2.jpg (14922 byte) Zogno Mine - Bergamo - Lombardia

Fluorite Mine closed in the ' 70.

Is one of the most small but also more interesting mine; there is only one level effectively good, the others are closed, but if you are lucky and well prepared you can find very good things.

The main minerals that can be found is Fluorite in big cristals and in different colors from clear green to deep purple

In ours trips, inside the mine, we  found some vogue with very nice specimens  but as you see recovering specimens is not very easy

murvo.jpg (26854 byte) murvo1.jpg (25038 byte) murvo2.jpg (24176 byte) Is Murvonis Mine - Domusnovas - Sardinia

Fluorite Mine closed in the ' 60. This mine is famous in Sardinia for nice Fluorite crystals from light purple to deep purple and green in association with hemimorphite , quarz  and auricalcite.

The photos are from our july 99 trip  we went in the upper level where we recover some flourite but above all very nice auricalcite specimens with crystals spread over flourite and hemimorphite. It's very hard to recover specimens and we had to work for two days