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In this section we'll collect new informations about mineralogy ( minerals find, localities, mineral show, ...and other thing ) mainly about Italy but sometimes also about Europe.  Ours informations sources will come from mineral tabloids, italian mineral rockhounders, etc. 

If you have some information about new finding, ....help us to fill this page, send an e-mail and we add your advise on this page.

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Aprile 2001 -

New sulphides from S.Pons

Recently we heard about a new find of rare sulphides from this famous French localities in particular Zikenit ix bright XX till 5 cm , chalcostibit and some exceptional Bournonites of 4 cm

Black quartz from Rio Canalaccio (RE - Italia):

From the old place we recently saw some very nice 2 cm XX on anidrite matrix

March 2001 -

New discovery in val di Viu':

At Bologna minerals show we herad about a big   Topazzolite finds in val di Viu' ( italian Alps) . we saw 3 pieces with XX od 1-2 cm of brown - green color in association with diopside ...... those rockhounders were very lucky to bring an hundred f sample at home.

Febbraio 2001 -

Finds in the Brosso:

The Brosso mine is famous among many collectors in Italy and many persons spent their Saturdays and Sundays inside the mine. We heard about intersting samples of Pirite and magnetite collected in the Salvere level and  blue barite on Siderite collected at the Giariniere level. Some good bournonites from the S. Giuseppe levels were recovered last year ...but now the entrance of this level is collapsed


January 2001:

Herkimer from Aveto Valley:

In Aveto Valley, very famous in Italy for Quartz of Castagnola, has been find very nice specimen of quartz of small dimension (from 1 to 4 cm) isolated on matrix

What's happened in 2000

Ilvaite from Elba Island:

Elba island in a place near Rio Marina a good vug with Ilvaite XX on hedembergite and quartz . The ilvaites XX range from 1 cm to 8 -10 cm with good termination , about 10 flats of this material was recovered.

Cinnabar from Amiata Area:

The Monte Amiata Area is rich of many abandoned mines and some of those mine where famous for good cinnabar samples that were collected many years ago during workings. A lucky tuscany collectors found a good vug and was able to recover nice "strawberries" of cinnabar spread on lenticular calcite XX . Those XX aggregate of cinnabar reach 1-2 cm and are exceptional for Italian collectors.

Fluorite from Zogno Mine:

In Lombardia a good pocket was discovered in the abandoned Flourite mine of Zogno , and someone collected several loose XX and aggregate of dark purple color up to 5-8 cm edge.

Elbaite from Adamello Mountain:

Another exceptional find took place last summer in The Adamello natural park area. There aren't many informations about it but some lucky collectors was able to find a lithium pegmatite vein and to collect good sample with ortoclase and Smoky quartz , with elbaite up to 1-2 cm and pink lepidolite XX , maybe we will discover more about during this year.

Fassaite from Adamello Area:

Another nice find took place last summer in the Frerone Mountain (Adamello Area).   Fassaite in Frerone Mountain is known from many years but in this find is with  bright and big xx of Fassaite (Augite)

Smoky Quartz from M.te Bianco:

Val d'Aosta . Last Summer a big smoky quartz pocket was found in the Italian side of M.te Bianco - Dente del Gigante arond 3000m . This pocket was abot 3 m long 1 m wide with very nice quartz samples in it.