Shows and Exibitions 

This year’s Special Exhibit of the Munich Show was dedicated  to the subject of “Agates”. Exquisite specimens from five continents were on display, and  among others the famous “Hooded Owl” from Mexico which is the symbol of this year show. Among many others the most impressive for the condition of collecting were  fascinating Eye-Agates from Lake Superior, Michigan. These were collected by Bob Barron a diver and minerals collector. Another important display were specimens from the Agate Room of the summer residence of the tsars of St. Petersburg which was restored recently together with famous Amber Room.

the famous “Hooded Owl”



 The multiple ways of cutting made agate for centuries the most cherished jewel all over the world. Therefore the Special Exhibit  presented a great choise of decorative objects. The German Mineral Centre Idar-Oberstein presented also a general view  and information as to how stones are found, cut and treated.

In Hall A4 there were other showcases  displaying very nice from personal collections

some of the ancient Jades


In the Museum guest show  area  there were some intersteing exihibits The Mineralogical Museum at the University of Marburg  with exceptional  Elba tourmalines and rhodocrosite from Germany