Shows and Exibitions 

Another highly appreciated institution of the Munich Mineral Show, allowing passionate collectors to present the treasures of their own collection to the public . There were many show cases in Hall A4  but the main attraction was without doubt  :

“140 years of Epidote finds at the Knappenwand”

When the mountainguide Alois Wurnitsch found in 1865 his first epidote at the Knappenwand in the National Park Hohe Tauern, this type of crystal was completely unknown. But soon the mining of the minerals started and was continued almost without interruption during the following 140 years. Since summer 2000, the “Zukunftskollegium Neukirchen” in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern has started to restore the historical mining activities. At the same time, in agreement with the authorities for the protection of nature, and under the scientific direction of the Institute for Geological Science of the University of Vienna, the mining has been reactivated. The exhibit in Hall 6 shows historical epidots from 140 years of mining in the Knappenwand  and recent finds

Among the other showcases presented there were an Intersting selection of titanites Alpine minerals presented by the Museum of natural Hystory of Bolzanol



Display cases with other intereseting and exceptional miuscellaneus pieces


Two exceptional piece from Italy : Tourmaline from Elba and Calcite / Dolomite From Tuscany