Report  "Halle A4 " ( 27/10/2005)

Here we are to this new edition of the Munich Mineral show.   The impression is great with its three huge pavilions full of minerals and gems for the rock collectors.

This time we have decided to give you the flavour of the show in “real time” with daily updates on the show.

Our table  A5.456

General view of the show during setup

 Today we start with stand A4, traditionally dedicated to the mineral dealers from worldwide locations.

The stand is full of dealers from all the world locations: South and North America, Far East, China, Russia end ex Soviet Union, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco, Tanzania, Congo, South Africa and Namibia Pakistan and Afghanistan: really a complete picture  of the situation of the minerals market today !!!

Chinese pyromorphite Gemmy chinese realgar
Peru Rhodo Dioptase form Congo

Really we have to say that as usual from some time, no major new findings can be highlighted:

There was a massive presence of Chinese dealers with the classical Fluorites, Garnets, Stibnite, Calcite, orpiment, Realgar, Cinnabar, etc.   Among these different expositions to underline some extremely high quality specimens especially some Topaz and gemmy Realgar. To be evidenced some Helvite crystals of almost one centimeter in association with smoky quartz and gemmy grossular: the best samples of this rare Beryllium silicate you can find in this moment on the market….. We had the opportunity to buy the whole lot and will be on line soon!!!! Very nice and relatively new some prehenites in association with clear quartz, with a nice contrast between the vivid green of prehenites and the quartz matrix. Finally some silver wires with arborescent forms.

From Morocco usual fluorites, wulfenite, goethite, etc. Some dealers had very nice cobalt calcite in big crystals of deep pink colour and new green fluorite crystals sometimes of huge dimensions, even more than 20 cm’s with marcasite.

Morocco Cobaloan calcite

Chinese silver

Russian dealers presented the usual selection of minerals from Kola Peninsula and from Dal’negorsk, fluorites, calcites, sphalerite, red quartz, and some huge pirrotine crystals…..

From Kazakhstan and Siberia uvarovite, dioptase, sulphur and some very nice new sphalerites etc.

As a rarity from Hungary some very rare crystals of Melilite, a rare organic mineral in vitreous octahedrons and

Blue Topaz form Urals Heliodor

Pakistan presented the classic selection of gemmy minerals, Aquamarine, polychrome tourmalines, Topaz in dark brown colours, peridot and very large brookites and anatases pluricentimetric sometimes with blue and reddish colour….

Indian dealers had the usual selection of Zeolites, with some great specimens of green apophyllite and Cavansite, heulandites, fluorite in great yellow spheres…

From East Africa one dealer had some very interesting high quality gems from Tanzania: deep blue Tanzanites and green Tsavorites.

From Europe many good specimens from classic localities and from old collections, in the hall there is also a section dedicated to mineral dealers exposition and special specimens with some astonishing samples from Alps, here below you can appreciate a selection of those wonderful selection of mineralssame high quality exposition of specimens dedicated to Alpine Minerals.   

Among the new find, interesting white calcite balls crystals on dolomite  from Italy (a quarry near Grosseto).



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