Report  "Halle A5 "


The second report is about  Hall A5, traditionally dedicated to the main exhibitors and the top dealers.


In addition to what has been described on hall A4, we have seen some new findings, some baingtonites in large crystals on prehenites and very interesting vesuvianites from China, brown-red in colour and with very particular crystallizations, in practice an almost flat bipyramide in association with some light orange garnets. Some very bright transparent barite crystals, from Gan Zhou, Jiangxi.

Vesuvianite from China

Prehenite from China

Very interesting also some specimens of garnets from Kazakistan , deep brown colour and some deep red concretions of rhodocrosite. 

From Mongolia few fluorite specimens, not new, but always hard to find in ggod specimens.  

From India a lot of very nice specimens, relatively new we can highlight some perfect Thomsonites in white – light pink globes.


Thomsonite from India Mushroom Tourmaline on matrix

From Sicily we had the opportunity to find some very showy old specimens of bi-colour celestine coming from a very old finding of the sixties near Agrigento. to be highlighted also some samples of very rare and presently un findable fluoro hedenite from Biancavilla Catania


The top dealer exhibition has reserved also this year fantastic minerals:  Andreas Wertth has showed exceptional elbaites with some other very nice and top quality Pakistan gem minerals.


Mixed gems minerals

A huge Anatase from Norway

Fantastic specimens from Pakistan and Afghanistan were exposed also in the Francois Lietard, among which some incredible specimens of chondrodite from Afghanistan .

Ennio Prato had the usual selection of very fine minerals, in particular a deep blue aquamarine of more than 20 centimetres and some remarkable specimens from an old collection of very high quality.


Riccardo Prato and Tironi had some very showy selected specimens from Brazil and Pakistan , gem minerals, rutile, titanite, morganite and exceptional specimens of green carbonato-apatite.


  Michigan Copper

The M.Budil booth had in exhibition some very nice red mushroom tourmalines from Burma, among the best specimens we had ever seen on white matrix..


Kristalle presented a large selection of very nice specimens, in particular to be highlighted some remarkable copper in pluri centimetric crystals, silver wires, gold in crystals and dendrites,  

As a particularity the same dealer presented a large selection of minerals in stalactites, from the ex Marty Zinn collection.


On Saturday we had also the opportunity to meet John Veevaert, of , we spent some good time togheter, discussing about minerals and mineral collecting and other things…

 Webminerals  & John



The day ended with the traditional visit to the classic beer factory of HB in the very nice downtown  of Monaco: the capacity of this huge “pub” is about 2,500 ( two thousand five hundred!!! ) people : minimum beer size is 1 litre and the atmosphere is absolutely particular : it worth the visit …..



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