Mont Blanc and its Minerals

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Geographical setting

The Monte Bianco massive  is located at North-West of Italy  bordering with France and Switzerland. In this area  there are many famous  minerals locality where also now is possible to find some nice samples typically  from alpine fissures. Among the most known specimens there are the Smoky Quartz and the Pink Fluorite samples. Because of the difficulties in reaching some place , the best finds are done by climbers know as "cristallier" . Those persons do mineral research from June to August on regular basis like a job. .

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Mineralogical Localities

Here we summarize the main collecting areas and the most common minerals for each one:monteb2.jpg (78005 byte)

Miage Glacier (Italy): Adularia, Albite, Anatasio, Apatite, Cabasite, Ematite, Epidoto, Heulandite, Quarzo, Scolecite, Stilbite, Titanite.

Aiguilles de Chatelet (Italy): old galena mine: anglesite, pirite, galena, quarzo. 

Triolet Glacier(Italy): Adularia, Albite, Anatasio,  Epidoto, Quarzo fume', Rutilo, Titanite.

Argentiere Glacier (French side): Adularia, Albite, Calcite, Ematite, Epidoto, Fluorite Rosa, Quarzo fume'.

Dome de Gouter (French side): Adularia, Albite, Axinite, Epidoto, Prhenite, Quarzo.

Aiguilles Rouges e Tour Noir (Swiss side): Ankerire, Ematite, Quarzo Ametista.

Cabane du Trient (Swiss side): Adularia, Calcite, Ematite, Epidoto, Fluorite, Quarzo Fume'.