2001 Munich Mineral Show Report
Mineral news


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In the set up day is easy to go around and see what the show could offer

In this section I'll try to summarize what I saw in the 3,5 day I was at the show in general I could tell that no remarkable new highligths were seen but anyway a lot of interesting material was present.


Let's start with China , there were many Chinese dealers almost all set up in hall B3. Nothing really new but many good quality pieces of Fluorite, scheelites, apatite , goshenite and Inesite but the price where not cheap. In general I saw any difference with what there was at S. Marie show last June.
From India we met a dealer (matrixmineralia.com) with very good quality green apophyllite from a new find. Those apophyllite XX resemble cavansite spray and were very nice ... infact  he sold out all of them on thurdays afternoon and we got only the last couple of pieces for our collection.


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From CIS we have to remark some very good specimen from the Dal'negorsk Minig complex . There were many dealer offering good samples of ilvait , fluorite and pyrrothite i found also some of the  new Ematoid Quartz aggregates with cheaper prices as the ones I saw in S. Marie show.

Other exibithors  from Romania, Bulgaria    had a nice selection of the classic minerals from those countries but the new find were very nice Bournonite XX group and Brown Scheelites ( max 1 cm) from Baja Sprie Romania

From Middle East we visisted the booth of two german dealers and one (Mikon ) had  still a good spot of Iranian Cerussite. but I was looking for wulfenites , unfortunately the shippment is not arrived on time for the show. The Other dealer was offering a new find of Epidote from Iran in XX max 1,5 cm of dark green color close to some alpine classic pieces.


From Pakistan there were a good offer   of remarkable pegmatite specimens. There were some selection of very good Acquamarine from Shengus and Shigar as well as some nice Tourmalines and Herderite .Amomg all a nice group of green fluorite and topaz cath my eyes . One dealer offered to me also some good purple Hackmanite XX  but i passed over...maybe wasn't the right decision. There was  also other good pieces of  Chevkinite from Pakistan from the best worldwide found for the species.


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Marocco mineral production is  impressive. In the show I saw lot of good quality  Vanadinite specimens expecially on barite as well as good Erythrite and Roselite specimens were still available from the Bou Azzer Mining Complex . As new I saw some beautiful Light green Apatite but not as good as those in S. Marie. Also sample from Toussit were very scarce , I wasn't able to find a good anglesite sample reasonably priced.


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From Africa I have to remark the Carrollite spot. Other good pieces were availble from The Kamoya Mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo .Also  Many good pieces on malachite and dioptase were availble..


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From Namibia a german dealer had very nice  Tourmaline , Acquamarine topaz from Erongo Area .Those piece are found in granitic dikes and the tourmaline were mostly loose double -terminated XX

I saw also any interesting samples from the manganese fields of South Africa such as Ettringite Inesite, Hausmannite and Rodocrosite

From Brasil we have to remark the very nice tourmaline from Pederneira with some Scepter XX where the green tourmaline is grown over the pink one. 

There were also a couple of dealers from  Bolivia. with an oustanding Vivianite specimen from Huanuny a loose 30 cm X with deep transparent green colour. There was also availabiluity of some nice Bournonite, magnetite stilli from Huanuni as well as very good Bismutinite from Tazna.

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From USA there wer few dealers with oustanding native GOLD   ad very nice Red beryl plus a mix of minerals such as Sweet home rhodocrosites, Amazonites and very nice quality Elmwood calcites.
From Germany there were lot of dealer but not much variety of minerals , some tables with nice Flourites and also a good choice of Native silver from Saxony. Some tables were specializied in Alpine minerals expecially from Zillertal and Tauri area with very nice sample of green titanite and emeralds

Among other thing I noticed there were very nice Bothryogen samples from Rio Tinto , Spain and from Australia

few things from Broken hill , some Atacamites and of course Crocoites

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Gluck Auf !!   Giovanni