2001 Munich Mineral Show Report
Show Special


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The main theme of the special show was ' Secrets of the dark' and it was dedicated to caves and thei mineralogy , with lectures  , 3-D multimedia show and so on  but what caucht our mineral collectors interest were the two special exibitions of Marty Zinn mineral-Stalactites and Aldalberto Giazzotto Mega-Crystals.

Marty Zinn is one of the most important person in the realm of mineral collecting. It sufficient to say that he promote the four majoi show in USA , Tucson , Denver, Costa Mesa,Springfield.

Here in Munich he brougt part of in collection of mineral stalactites so we could see very nice piece from the most common malachites and rodocrosites to more intersting quartz , pyromorphites pyrites and vanadinites.


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Adalberto Giazzotto assembled in over 40 years of activity a spectacular collection of hightest esthetic level with museum size pieces. The prevailing feature of this collection is the visual appeal. There are no sufficient words to describe what we could see in this secton, unbelivable pieces from Sicilian sulphur mines , Gem specimens from Brasil and pakistan and so on.. and it's true what Giazzotto say ' .. to be appreciated even at ten meters distance'


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