Rome Mineral's Show 2005

This is  the  5į year that we attend to the Rome mineral show. Itís the last  of the Italian shows that closes the year and itís also the only  mineral show in the central and south of Italy that regroup about 100 exihibitors.  Ití a growing show in terms of attendance and quality and like Bologna is characterised only by  allowing minerals , fossils shells and  un-mounted gems. Itís a reference show for most of the collectors coming from Lazio , Tuscany and  Campagna .  About exhibitors  they are all from Italy  with some local researcher and  also someone from Sardinia that we donít see anymore in the Northern Shows. Public doesnít lack   and the  rooms of the shows are quite crowded expecially in the afternoons.

About   minerals  there were some interesting ones  mainly systematic and rarities from Lazio and Vesuvio.   We found some good samples from Vesuvio with Mellite, Vesuvianite, nephelina  Ö. From Sardinia  unusual nice Mesetine with calcite found in monte Leone mine  that resembles  the ones from Traversella.  We saw also a good selection of barite, fluorite and a rare sample of Ulmannite. There were also some nice pieces from Sicily  : Sulphur, Celestine and Aragonite.

From Tuscany  many Stibnites , Cinnabar from Amiata and a couple of very nice Ilvaites from Elba.


From  foreign countries the most aesthetic and appreciated from the public were the Gem minerals from Pakistan & Brasil spread in many exhibitors tables  many aquamarines and tourmalines of different colour and association. From China there were also nice samples of Spessartine and smoky quartz , fluorites of various colour and the usual selection of things that we commonly see at the mineral show nowadays.  From India some nice sample of orange stilbite on black chalcedony  that we already see in Munich.

The show  was completed by an interesting and scientific exhibition on  minerals from Lazio vulcans.


As a final note we can see that even if there werenít news from a mineralogical point of view it was a busy show