2001 St. Marie Aux Mine Show Report

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The Show was enlarged in size compared to the previous years. New Exposition Areas have been properly realised and equipped with all the furnitures.

During the 5 days of show we had also for the first time I rememeber 5 day days of sunny weather without thunderstorms and rains. So all the setting was really lovely as in the past. Organisation is at a good standard and prices for exhibitor reasonable also if the exposition table are still a little bit small in size.

Public afflux was good due also to the nice weather conditions during all the show duration.

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After this general considerations let's come to the Mineralogical Part.

We have to say that not remarkable new highligths were seen but anyway a lot of interesting material was present.

China is still producing a remarkable amount of fine minerals. In the Show we saw still a lot of very nice Fluorites as well as of new found of Manganese minerals from Daye Mien Hubei  .Good Hubeite and Inesite specimens were available at reasonable prices. There was instead a lack of supply of good Scheelite, Goshenite, Cassiterite materials from Sichuan . The locality after several years of outstanding production seems start to decline in quality and quantity. Also Piromorfite supply looks to be stopped fro China and no new outstanding specimes were available since the last yeras as well as Realgar and Orpiment.


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From CIS we have to remark some very good specimen from the Dal'negorsk Minig complex . The main news was that of the Ematoid Quartz aggregates . Sone expositors really have a nice selection of this new find in aesthetyc groups of xls up to 2-3 cm in size of a deep orange red colour. There was not any good supply of mineral from the Polar Urals area that show a declining production of outstanding specimens

From Middle East we have a still a good spot of Iranian Cerussite. Xls are not large (most of 1 cm max in size) but well shaped in typical aggregates and with a good brigthness.


Pakistan and Afghanistan are still producing a good quantity of remarkable pegmatite specimens. There were some selection of very good Acquamarine from Shengus and Shigar as well as some nice tourmalines and Pollucite but all very higly priced. Also some Kunzite from Nuristan area was present.

A remarkable find was that of Chevkinite from Pakistan. This is probably to be considered the best worldwide found for the species. Good specimens unfortunately were highly priced and several of them show some minor damgaes


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Marocco mineral production was still impressive. In the show we may admire remarkable Vanadinite specimens form winter 2000 production. There are still a lot of nice specimens available also if the very high quality material is higly priced. Good Erythrite and Roselite specimens were still available from the Bou Azzer Mining Complex also if they come from the Winter 2000 found. Not remarkable Erythrite specimens have been recovered recently.


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Despite Mibladen area Marocco is still on the news for new collecting areas that start to producegood quality unusual specimens. Among these we note a new Apatite found in the central Marocco that produces nice pale yellow Apatite xls up to 3 cm on dark brown matrix. Specimens are attractive but mostly of them show serious damages on the crystals. Anoher new entry was Maroccon Hedembergite form Atllas Mountains. Specimens are quite attractive with elongated xls up to 2-3 cm of a pale green colour resembling a lot Dalegenorsk specimens. Unfortunatrely a top location that seems to be ifn the final stage of production was Toussuit Mining Complex. Few specimens of decent Anglesiteand Cerussite were present as well as Azzurrite and Wulfenite. The mines are expected to be shut off in the Winter 2001 so these are probably some of the alst oppurtunities to select specimens from such famous locality.

From Africa we have to remark the Carrollite spot. The Kamoya Mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo worked by local labours really produces by the end of the last years some outstanding quality specimens of the mineral in sharp lustrous xls up to 4 cm in size on calcite and cobaltocalcite xls and vugs.Works now are stopped so this may be one of the few occasion to get a remarkable specimen of this outstanding mineral.


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From Namibia we have still avalaibility of good Tourmaline and Acquamarine from Erongo Area also if outstanding Acquamarine specimens of the last year look over.

Malawi pegmatites continues its outstanding production of Egirine and Orthoclase association with smoky Quartz. From the same locality some outstanding specimens of Bastanaesite/Parisite were also present also if igly prices. Remarkable Eudydimite xla have also been produced also if not present in the show.

From Americas we have very few spots to reamrk as well as from Brasil . There were some nice Damburite specimens from St. Eulalia and a selection of mid quality Creedites. From Brasil we have to remark very few if not some Scepter Quartz and Brasilianite of medium quality. Still some Titanite were also available but not in outstanding specimens and in general higly priced.

The really best spot was that of Bolivia. At least three oustanding Vivianite specimes from Huanuny were showed in the show. Xls was really impressive in size (25-30 cm) and in colour (deep transparent green). There was also availabiluity of some nice Ludlamite stilli from Huanuni as weel as very good Bismutinite from Tazna.

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From Europe very few spots. We remark the remarkable find of SulphoSalts (Zinckenite, Chalcostibite, Dadsonite) from St. Pons Area , Ubaye France. A nice selection of samples were showed in the show by the authors at very reasonable prices. . Romania and Bulgaria still produce good quality materials. From Rumania we have some nice Fizelyite and Tetraedrite ain the shows but not outstanding new finds. This was also tru for Bulgarian supply.

Finally Australia, few things but good ones

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