2002 St. Marie Aux Mine Show Report

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The originality of Alsace lies in its diversity with a vast panorama of history , gastronoy and culture

Wend your way between the river Rhine and the Vosges mountanis, throught the plain, vineyards and mountains, along country lines with fortresses and rich archeological ruins on the horizon.

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Historic Discoveries

Wedged between the Latin and Germanic worlds, Alsace at the cross- roads of historical and cultural trend. History is ever - present in the landscape and mentalities

The Romans imported the wines which flourishes today. Alsace has always been an object of desire and peack are topped with ruin fortress build for defence.


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Wines & Gastronic delights

The variety of aromas of wines and Crémant d'Alsace place them among the most original.

Seven types of vine , a warm, dry climate ideal for the maturation .....just try  ' Grand Cru' ,'Vendange tardive' and ' Selection de  Grains Nobles'.

To discover them all , follow the Route de Vins d'Alsace ( 170 Km of pictoresque countryside and village full of history)

Alsace has a wealth of gastronomy to offer you. The chefs draw their inspiration from a vast array of regional products ......just try  foie gras, Kouglof cake and munster cheese.


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Having supper toghether