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The presence of Webminerals in this  Mineral Show wasn’t only dedicated to exibition and offer of mineral specimens but, as usual in this situation, to buy minerals for future update on our sites  and also to promote our Genova mineral show that we are organizing.

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Before to continue some considerations about this moment in mineral market, our impression is that  prices are high for low and medium   quality specimens and crazy for good quality specimens; in this situation the standard collectors have to reduce his own interest toward few purchases, the same time many dealers don't succeed in selling his own minerals and more and more often toward the end of the fair there are 'special offer' on the purchase of big stock of material.   We can't say if this is correct or not, and never what could happen in future, ...anywhere we  have decided to reduce our purchases and our interest to that material that we have held valid and that  could be purchased to a reasonable price, .....also with the purpose to safeguard the interest of our clients.

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    Here we anticipate you our main shopping in the show, obviously mainly of the specimens that we bought will be offer you in the update of the next months.

Minerals from France: for the first time we found many interesting  flourites from several location and different color : from Le Burg, Lantigne in association with mimetite and wulfenite, ......and some others.    Finally we got interstesting pieces of bastnaesite , allanite , parisite from Trimouns

 Minerals from Pakistan: we didn’t find many new thing from this region; so we concentrate our attention to some classic minerals such as  aquamarine, tourmaline and  topaz trying to find the best deal.   As  unuasual thing we found few pieces of blue apatite and Xenotime for more detail we remaind you on future update of Pakistan special section on Smartminerals.

 Mineral from Ural Mountain: we think that one of the most interesting area for mineral collector will be these mountain in the middle of Russia; in the show we find only intersteing uvarovite samples.

Minerals from Zaire: we were able to get the last brochantite available from Gobin

Minerals from Rumania: we were able to get a nice lot of realgar with some nice pieces with centimetric XX on quartz

Tunisia: from this mediterrean country a good choice of nice celestite crystals on white aragonite and only few flourites

 Minerals from Japan: we get some of the new henmilite  pieces ....

 Minerals from Morocco: if we have to evaluate the quality of Morocco minerals in this show we have to say that, compared to the other edition, there are a reduction in term of quality and new thing; anyway some interesting thing we found, so wait for pink quartz and calcite and some green flourites

 Minerals from China:  we dig through the tents  and try to propone you some interesting new finding from this country with pieces with apophyllite, amethyst, barite..

Single pieces: we were able find some intersting pieces such as a green powellite from India,  two nice elbatites and phosgenites coming from the old collection of the  Burnt museum in switzerland

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