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In this section we try to give you some information about mineralogy news or simply consideration about specimens that were present in the show; to facilitate your reading and our work we aggregate our information by different country (…even if it almost impossible see everything expecially in the crowded days  ). Anywhere  it is possible to say that there weren’t present many new things and in general was difficult find very good specimens (…to point out the ugly habit to maintain the best specimens under the table only for same special clients; …we don’t think that this is correct!!); our impression is that in this moment the mineral market see an inflation of specimens from some country (middle and low quality) and very few specimens from other localities. In the show there were many things from Morocco and China, interesting fluorite from France and Spain, many dealers but no news from Pakistan and India, finally many dealers from East Europe with the usual minerals.

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If we have to resume in few words the main news we can say that the most remarkable things we saw were the etched Spessartine garnet from Lavra navigador Brasil even if few pieces were available in matrix; the other relative new specimens were the henmilite in blue crystal on calcite from Fuka mine in Japan, the Red beryl from Madagascar, these samples were available in matrix but the prices are very hight and from the news we have, many pieces were found  and soon will reach the market and so it’s better to wait. Finally big strong bournonite crystals free matrix from China.

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Lets start to  analyze the main things for each country…

Spain – nice  deep blue fluorite from La Collada presented by Fabre and new Prehnite specimens from Pireneis

France - ...after some year that wasn't present interesting fluorite specimens from different locality and in different shape, to underline the globular fluorite from Alier, nice yellow fluorite from Pireneis and the showy and bright blue fluorite from Le Burg; its a pity that  pink fluorite from Mont Blanc were near untraceable (...but maybe we have to wait  the end of summer for them).

East Europe - as we said the usual dealer from Romania, Bulgaria and Poland with different kind of quality specimens; we haven't see any new thing but nice Realgar specimens from Baia Spyre and showy quartz, barite, antimonite from the classic localities; among them to sign a dealer with good specimen from Madam in Bulgaria.

Other European Country - ....only old and usual specimens; among them we remember nice silver, proustite and manganite specimens; to underline the pieces presented by Crystal Classic and Kristalle coming from an old private collection..above all a large manganite  from Germany priced at 15000 euro.
Some high level specimens from Bunt Museum of Switzerland were availble such as : Silver, Elbaite, Manganite...
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Morocco - as usual in Saint Marie many dealers from this country and obviusly many specimens; unfortunatly most of the material is not so high level, anywhere was possible find some nice vanadinite specimens, bright green fluorite from El Hamman and good quality specimens of Roselite; among the new things to underline bright Cobaltocalcite from Bou Azzer offer by Gobin and unusual bright pink quartz from Aouli among calcite crystals; interesting and unusual some native copper specimens and magnetite in octaedric crystals sm60.JPG (15774 byte)


Tunisia - offer by a French dealer nice blue  celestine specimens  on white aragonite with barite shaped XX and some fluorite specimens from Zryba

Ethiopia - interesting Amazonite specimens from this country that we saw already in Lorrach Mineral Show but that here was possible see in better quality and quantity.

Madagascar - many new interesting specimens from this country, first of all interesting Red Beryl on matrix from Ambatovita and nice red tourmaline from  Tetezantsio. In the show also same good quality Londonite specimens were present

Other African Countries - no many things to sign on other african countries if not the absence of new uranian minerals, only few aegirine and other minerals from Namibia and Malawi; the usual garnet  specimens from Mali.Only a German dealer have some Barylite specimens available from the last year find in Malawi

Pakistan - from this country many dealer with good material but not many new things, to sign some elegant and gem quality acquamarine, topaz and apatites, among the other minerals interesting Xenotime and Bastnaeiste specimens, a good selection of nice Cevkinite specimens

Afghanistan - near two dealers very nice and showy gemmy quality muticolour tourmaline matrix free ( ...I leave my heart in some of them); to sign also interesting Uvite specimens. sm38.JPG (12700 byte)


Myanmar (Burma) - At  Karp table was possible find some interesting specimens from this country: high level red tourmaline with rounded termination from Mogok that normally is very difficult find, always from Mogok region new and interesting Aquamarine and Topaz specimens (not again like Pakistan specimens,  ...but maybe in future?!) sm45.JPG (14741 byte)

Japan - from this country one of the most interesting thing in this show: some Henmilite specimens, already known in internet but that here was possible find near same dealer

China - one of the country that in this moment offer a more quantity of different material and many new things: first of all to sign very nice loose sharp Bournonite crystals till 5 - 6 cm, among the other thing we remember nice floating Amethyst quartz in association with tabular Apophyllite, showy aggregate semitrasparent Barite, nice association of Pyrite, Stilbite and tree calcite; among the other thing same outstanding mimetite specimen in small quantity, many fluorite and other things. sm37.JPG (15605 byte)

India - Many dealers and many specimens but no new material to sign.

Russia - no many things from this country, maybe the most interesting specimen were new trasparent Fluorite in dodecahedral   crystals and very few of light purple colour.

Brasile – from this big country another interesting new specimen find: etched Spessartine Garnet from Lavra Navigador even if only few of them were on matrix; among the other things nice Tormaline from Pedernera Mine and some big   Herderite specimens. sm41.JPG (17205 byte)

Argentina - nice yellow - green fluorite from Cordoba region and nice Dioptase specimens, many slice of rhodocrosite and the already known Ematite pseudomorfosis

Australia - At Olivier tent some outstanding new specimens of Crocoite.

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