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The presence of Webminerals in this  Mineral Show wasn’t only dedicated to exibition and offer of mineral specimens but, as usual in this situation, to buy minerals for future update on our sites  and also to promote our Genova mineral show that we are organizing.

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  Here we anticipate you our main shopping in the show, obviously mainly of the specimens that we bought will be offer you in the update of the next months.

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Minerals from Portugal: for the first time we found interesting samples of autunite

 Minerals from Pakistan: we didn’t find many new thing from this region; so we concentrate our attention to some classic minerals such as  aquamarine, tourmaline and  topaz trying to find the best deal ... and some suprises.  

 Mineral from Ural Mountain: there wasn't  much new in the show we find only intersteing uvarovite samples and grossularia samples

Minerals from Brasil: we were able to get some nice pieces of the nie find of rutile and hematite

Minerals from Rumania: we were able to get some nice pieces of rare minerals such as scheelites , berthierites ...

Minerals from Germany: we were able to get some nice pieces Boracite crystal on anydrite matrix

Minerals from Peru: we were able to few pieces of proustite in good crystal with acanthite ....

Minerals from Burma: we were able to nice association of yellow chondrodite and spinel

Tunisia: from this mediterrean country a good choice of nice barite in red  crystals   only one good  flourite

 Minerals from Morocco: there were some good quality piece offered by morocco dealers, we found as new Brochanite and Linarite samples, purple and yellow flourites and cobaltocalcite  ..plus some other classic such as roselite and so on

 Minerals from China:  we dig through the tents  and try to propone you some interesting new finding from this country . We found creedites on flourites , sphalerite on quartz , several quartz ..........

Single pieces: we were able find some intersting pieces such as a elbaites from Pala , pink apatite on scheelite from china   and so on ......

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